Hybrid cloud solutions for businesses and its threats

Hybrid cloud solutions for businesses and its threats

With more and more businesses moving their processes to the cloud, the debate of having it all on the cloud or dividing between the cloud and private networks is getting hotter. Businesses with a lot of sensitive data are the ones that are struggling to decide what will work for the best because they love the convenience of the cloud but they love their data more. There is no doubting the fact that the hybrid cloud security solution has created new types of threats to privacy and while most companies try to play it cool, they are struggling below the surface with decisions.

A hybrid cloud security solution for a business is the one where companies keep some of their data and applications on the public cloud and some very important content on a private server/cloud at their own premises. This gives them the much-needed convenience of the cloud while providing them with the security they need. But even this system is not completely safe because there is a connection between the cloud and the private servers and everything from data to instructions is moving both ways. Following is a list of different threats that are faced by a business that has chosen to use a hybrid cloud.

No amount of encryption can protect a data that is moving. While most hybrid cloud solutions provide top class encryption and try to ensure hybrid cloud security which can be further improved through the use of VPN and antiviruses, every transmission is somewhat open to eavesdropping and hacking.

Coordination between the two clouds or a cloud and a server needs an extra amount of coordination between the two systems. If the two platforms do not agree with each other than it will hinder the data flow which will, in turn, hinder the performance and efficiency of a business. A noncompliant hybrid cloud security solution is more of a problem than a solution.

Data redundancy
Data redundancy is a waste of storage for normal people, but when it comes to businesses, they have to have multiple copies of their data to be used in case of an outage, system crash or complete data loss. Data loss is one of the biggest threats faced by businesses and failing to create multiple copies of their data is probably one of the biggest mistake a business can make with their hybrid cloud solution.

Security is one of the biggest issues with cloud and increases further when it comes to the integration of private and public clouds or public clouds and private networks. Companies that go for a hybrid cloud security solution have to have proper hybrid cloud security access rules or they will lose more than they stand to gain with a cloud.