5 popular cloud-based ERP solutions for small businesses

5 popular cloud-based ERP solutions for small businesses

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software as a service model of cloud computing. The upfront cost of cloud-based ERP is lower as the computerized resources are obtained on lease instead of purchasing them outright. Cloud-based ERP solutions allow the user to tackle the critical areas of their business from any place at any time.

These cloud-based ERP solutions are highly valuable software for the small- and medium-sized businesses. These offer hassle-free access to all functions without the burden of additional expenditures that are incurred on the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of hardware and software licenses that also promotes a reduction in the wastage of time. The user need not worry about upgrading the software as the cloud-based ERP software maintenance and upgrade is taken care of by the cloud provider. The need for IT support by personnel is not required as the IT support is provided by the data center.

For the functioning of this cloud-based ERP solution for small businesses, only computational resources are required to be purchased. This, in turn, helps reduce a lot of the expenses that would otherwise be incurred by the business.

A fixed service fee is charged on a monthly basis, hence the funds can be diverted toward other important business activities.

The cloud-based ERP solutions for small businesses have the ability to customize its service based on the business’ computational or storage requirement which is subject to constant fluctuations. The data of the business is also secure as it is stored in the cloud.

Here are some of the best cloud-based ERP solutions available for small businesses:

VersAccounts: This software is designed on a modern platform and hence can be configured with all modern systems without any trouble. It helps new users to develop workflow reducing time wastage.

Paragon ERP: It offers flexibility to small businesses to manage all their daily business activities. This is an easy implementation solution that can be customized easily and is highly user-friendly that guarantees excellent experience when operating it. All of these features are available to small businesses at pocket-friendly prices.

Sage Intacct: This is one of the finest cloud-based ERP solutions available for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Ecount ERP: This is a flexible cloud-based ERP software that aims to serve small- and medium-sized businesses to offer them excellent services rapidly thereby contributing to higher productivity.

Khaos Control Cloud: It is a cloud-based ERP that enables retailers and wholesalers from multiple channels to handle their online orders, customer interaction, stock, and fund flow. The software is also available in an app version thereby helping users handle these business-related tasks from any place through their mobile devices.