Important features to look for before subscribing to a VPN service

Important features to look for before subscribing to a VPN service

Investing in a premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) service will ensure a private connection to protect information shared over the internet. VPN services reroute connections through multiple locations and provide security protocols with advanced features to secure the connection.

You have to ensure that a VPN service has the following features before subscribing for a connection.

A good VPN service must feature protocols like Open VPN control, IKEv2, PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec over a secure TCP Port 443. An additional layer of security is available in the form of AES 256 encryption. Premium VPN services also feature advanced security protocols like DNS leak blocking, IPV6 leak blocking, First Part DNS server support, and a VPN killswitch to terminate any unsecured connections.

Privacy and logging
Even the most popular VPN services log in user data and keep a record of the private connection. As a user, it is better to opt for a VPN service that has a zero logging policy to ensure privacy and user anonymity even from the service provider.

Servers and locations
The primary function of any good VPN service is to reroute connections through multiple servers spread across random networks spanning different countries. Consider a VPN service that offers a minimum of 100 countries and locations to randomize the connection routing. Connection routing is necessary to mask the real source of your IP address. Premium VPN services like HideMyAss routes connections over 190 different countries and locations.

Device compatibility
Compatibility is one of the most important factors to consider while buying VPN services. Premium VPN services must install without any technical glitch and run well on commonly used platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Most services can also be manually configured for routers, consoles, and external devices. You must also confirm whether the premium service offers browser extensions that are compatible across Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Support for P2P file sharing
P2P or peer to peer file sharing is free, fast, and highly efficient for sharing all possible types of content. A premium VPN service must provide good support for legal file sharing websites that are routed through a secure connection.

Customer support
Premium VPN services must also provide a good quality of customer support for technical assistance, installation, and configuration of the product. A comprehensive knowledge base with commonly answered questions, video tutorials, and call support for troubleshooting applications are additional features provided by the premium VPN services.

Price and payment
Price is perhaps the most important deciding factor. You must also consider payment options and refund policies of the product before subscribing for the service.