Benefits of Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting for a Business

Benefits of Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting for a Business

Managed hybrid cloud hosting is a setup wherein businesses share resources, access databases, hardware, and software using a remote network and through multiple servers located at some other place along with their onsite servers. Managed cloud hosting is charged on the monthly contract basis. The servers on this system are purchased in parts and the key focus in this set up is on security and consistent availability by maintaining onsite servers as well as on cloud servers. Following are the reasons that explain why it is advantageous to choose a managed hybrid cloud hosting solution.

Better Security
For companies with huge databases, data security is of utmost importance. A managed hybrid cloud offers top class security to industries like healthcare and banking where data is of utmost importance. Cloud computing now has strict security requirements and right now is the best time to securely store data on the cloud.

A hybrid solution lets a business store its data in parts and place them where they can yield the maximum performance. A hybrid cloud gives businesses the flexibility to choose the type of cloud that works for them. Additionally, because it is a hybrid solution, businesses can also choose to create and maintain onsite servers to handle some part of the processes. A business is all about right collaborations and a managed hybrid cloud hosting is the best collaboration for it.

Managed Costs
A hybrid cloud solution enhances the efficiency of the cloud leading to substantial cost savings. When a business opts for a hybrid solution, it is taking advantage of the best that the different types of clouds have to offer. With a managed hybrid cloud hosting solution, the services get integrated with each other, and complement each other, when it comes to expenses and bills.

Consistent Availability
A managed hybrid cloud hosting means better failure management and consistent availability of servers. A cloud structure uses its various servers to create effective redundancy in the storage network, thus ensuring storage protection and a reliable failover plan.

Automated Resource Balancing
If a server fails in a hybrid cloud setup, the whole system automatically balances the resources at the virtual level and manages failovers without any issue. In this system, failure of a server does not mean the failure of a system, and that is needed when in case of a multi-national business that needs constant accessibility and cannot stop even for a microsecond.