Varieties of laptop and desktop locks

Varieties of laptop and desktop locks

Laptop or notebook is a private property where valuable information is stored and fear of the laptop being stolen is a nightmare for many people. There are many laptop security locks available on the market. One of the best locks for 15 inch and 16-inch laptops is the combination lock which is designed with a low-profile and a self-coiling cable that helps in keeping the laptops safe.

The features of Combosaver lock make it an excellent one for laptops or notebooks. It consists of a self-coiling cable which measures approximately 3 inches. The slim profile lock with the T-Bar helps in locking the notebooks or laptops. The ease with which the lock can be used by using a combination of keys makes it the best for 17-inch laptops.

The other features of Combosaver laptop security locks are the easy view window and comfort grip dials which make it safe to use. This lock comes with 10,000 personalized combination codes which makes it the safe one to use for 17-inch laptops. The lock is best to use in schools, colleges or when traveling. The lock is safe to use when it is registered online which helps in retrieving the combination of the lock.

An anchor point is another way to secure the computer or laptop to any work surface. This provides comfort for employees as they can comfortably lock the desktops or laptops.  The Kensington Desk Mount Cable Anchor can be used to lock the desktop or laptop with the help of industrial-strength mounting tape or security screws.

Wordlock from Kensington is used to protect the laptop from the private information. The WordLock is enabled with Portable Combination Laptop Lock which makes it easy and convenient to lock the laptops and desktops. The push-button design in this lock enables it to use the lock. WordLock enables the user to lock the laptop or desktop with a four-letter word. The laptop or desktop can also be locked with self-coiling cable which can be stretched up to 6 feet and shrunk to as short as 3 inches for convenient storage.

The features of the WordLock are the T-Bar locking technology which helps to securely lock the laptop. The 15 inch or 16-inch laptop can be locked using a 4 letter word which can be reset with an approximate 10,000 combinations which makes it easy to change the password lock. The push button design is used to attach the lock easily to laptop or computer.

The locking devices for computers or laptops are very much needed as the risk of theft is much more in organizations and educational institutions where the laptops or desktops are used on a much larger scale.  The user can choose the best locking device based on his/her requirements and the budget.