Top two unlimited Internet service providers

Top two unlimited Internet service providers

Have you always wanted a cheap internet and cable connection, free wireless internet, and unlimited data plans? Or something that could satiate the binge-watcher within you? Choosing the fastest internet service with unlimited data plans is of utmost importance to many.

You don’t have to worry about overage charges, paying extra credit, and can use as much as you want without anyone questioning your usage. If you want the best high-speed internet at the cheapest rates, you’ve come to the right place. Getting the fastest internet service with the best wireless internet plans does not have to be a hassle. In fact, if you play your cards right you can get sweet deals.

The first thing you need to decide between is prepaid or postpaid. Postpaid plans are often best for unlimited internet since you don’t have to worry about running out of data. Prepaid connections can spell disaster when you cross the threshold limits. Postpaid plans also have no overage charges or extra credit fill ups involved.

Next, you need to decide on a location and the quality of service. How often you plan to use your phone, where you plan on using it. How many devices do you need the unlimited internet data plans for?

Getting to the root of these questions can help you make better choices. For now, to help you get started, we’ve handpicked two of the best high-speed internet service providers. They provide some of the best-unlimited data plans in the country. Here are the top two cheap internet providers in the market.

T-Mobile: Some of the popular¬†unlimited internet data plan service provider is T-Mobile. It offers unlimited usage, although once you cross their threshold limit, your streaming quality will go down to 480p. You can still continue using data in unlimited amounts despite that. T-Mobile’s “One” plan is considered to be one of the prime unlimited internet data plans. They also offer some of the best high-speed internet connections in terms of prepaid connections. T-Mobile offers unlimited calling, texting, and no limit on HD streaming in most of their wireless internet plans. T-Mobile’s plan allows you to binge-watch TV shows on certain subscription services, like Netflix and HBO, without it counting to your mobile data usage. T-Mobile also offers the highest de-prioritization rate for bandwidth usage and the highest data cap which goes up to 30GB. This is even better when compared to AT&T. Definitely unlimited.

The People’s Operator: The People’s Operator offers unlimited calling, text messaging and has no-credit-check. They let you bring your own CDMA phone for convenience. They offer decent speeds and also have cheap internet plans if you’re considering opting for something on a budget.