Top two cell phone plans for families

Top two cell phone plans for families

Your child uses up your monthly data. Or you compare cell phone plans and you find yourself being charged too much for your postpaid bills. Cell phone plans for families can be a bit complex but it doesn’t have to be. The basic premise is that you get the required lines activated and that each line has sufficient data.

Unlimited data is always a bonus, but these plans usually have high call rates. Get unlimited calling minutes and texting over an unlimited internet plan. Most cell phone users don’t use their 3G networks as much as their calling minutes.

You definitely shouldn’t opt for uneven data distribution. Allocating to yourself 1GB of data while the rest of your family gets half a GB is counter-productive. Once this very low data allocation is reached, you will be charged higher overage rates.

Have you been on the hunt for the best cell phone offers for families this 2017? Then here are the top two deals considered to be the best cell phone plan deals.

Cricket Basic With Group Save
Cricket is owned by AT&T and uses AT&T networks. Cricket wireless cell phone plan is a great deal because it allows data usage on up to four different lines. Additional line can be added at an extra cost. There’s a $25 in-store activation fee and the plan costs $100 per month for four activation lines. There’s 3GB of data allotment per line. Frankly speaking, nothing beats this plan since you get 12GB in total for only $100 a month. Definitely one of the best cheap cell phone plans for families.

Sprint Better Choice (12GB)
Sprint offers a $30 activation fee per line. Although that sounds a bit expensive, when you compare cell phone plans, it’s pretty good in terms of speeds and data usage. In terms of a cell phone plan comparison, you pay $140 per month for four lines making this ideal for a family of four. Just like the Cricket Wireless plan, you get 3GB of data for each line. The lines can be expanded and you can add more lines which makes this great. There’s a $5 monthly discount for automatic payments online which gives you a $20 discount for a family of four. This is great if you’ve got a bigger family since you will be eligible for a higher discounts.

Additionally, you get unlimited minutes and text messages. You can even bump your plan up to unlimited data with a $40 fee. While this might seem steep to you now, consider the fact that you will no longer receive exorbitant cell phone bills.

Consider your family’s needs and conduct your own market research before committing to a cell phone plan for your family.