Top three cell phone plans in 2017

Top three cell phone plans in 2017

Cell phone plans can be a bummer when you run out of data. Or when you pay for extras charges or run out of money when traveling. It’s no wonder finding the best cell phone offers can throw most users off. With complicated details and a variety of customizable options, one is usually left confused.

We are always interested in the best cell phone plan deals and how to find a business internet phone plan. We are also on the constant search for cheap cell phone deals. Today, we’re going to compare cell phone plans and let you decide which one’s the best fit for you.

The top three best cell phone offers of 2017, according to us, are given below.

Boost Unlimited
If you’re a heavy user and you are in need of unlimited data, then the Boost Unlimited plan will cater to all your needs. Streaming video online, downloading content, or surfing the web for long hours is made possible with the Boost Unlimited plan.

A basic cell phone plans comparison will show you that Boost offers unlimited minutes, texts, and high speeds at affordable prices. For prepaid users, there is a data cap of 8GB after which the speed slows down. However, there are no overage charges and you can use as much data as you want. The plan is best optimized for mobile streaming purposes.

Republic Wireless No Data
We know you may be looking for a budget plan which is why we’ve added Republic Wireless to the list. If you’re looking for cheap cell phone plans, the Republic Wireless No Data plan offers you unlimited minutes and text messages for only $15 a month.

What makes this carrier different is that it uses Wi-fi and cell phone networks for streaming and surfing the web. Not all devices are compatible with their plans. However, when you consider the budget, they offer deals that are a steal.

T-Mobile Basic Monthly Plan
This is one of the best prepaid cell phone plans which has consistently been topping the cell phone plan charts. The T-Mobile Basic Monthly Plan gives you 5GB of mobile data, unlimited texts, and up to 100 minutes of calling per month for a bargain of $30. This is a great deal if you don’t call much and love texting instead.

Since it’s prepaid, you won’t have to worry about overage charges or extra fees. Simply top-up whenever you run out of data. This is good for the data-conscious user. If you find yourself losing track of how much data you are using, going prepaid will save you some cash. The only catch is that there is a $20 starter kit fee for the SIM activation per cell phone user.