Top 5 cell phone plans of 2021

Top 5 cell phone plans of 2021

Selecting the right cell phone plan is as important as choosing a good smartphone. Several cell phone companies provide plans with unlimited talk time, 5G connectivity, and other amazing features. But with so many options, choosing the best one can be difficult. To help you, here are some of the best cell phone plans you can check out in 2021.

Mint Mobile – 4GB Plan
Mint Mobile is one of the best network carriers if you’re on a budget. The company’s 4GB plan is ideal if you primarily use your phone to browse the Web and use social media or light apps like Google Maps. It combines 3 months of wireless service, unlimited nationwide talk and text, and free calling to Mexico and Canada. You get 4GB of data per month on the nation’s largest 5G network, and while the speed reduces after the allowance, data usage is unlimited.

Visible Unlimited
This is another one of the best cell phone plans you can opt for in 2021. The company offers a $40 plan per line per month, but the cost comes down to $25 per month if you use Party Pay to create or join a party with at least four people. The plan includes unlimited hotspot usage, unlimited talking and texting, and free calling to Canada and Mexico.

Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited Prepaid
T-Mobile’s Metro prepaid plans are among the best cell phone plans to consider in 2021 if you want a low-cost plan with high-speed data, hotspot, and access to the provider’s 5G network. The plans start at $40 per month, and you can get unlimited data for $50 and $60 a month. The unlimited plans also offer Google One membership with 100GB storage.

Google Fi Unlimited
Google Fi offers three cell phone plans starting at $20 per month for one person and allows you to add up to six lines. The Unlimited Plus plan offers affordable calling to around 50 destinations from the country and also includes Google One membership with 100GB storage.

Verizon Shared Data – 5 GB Plan
This cell phone plan by Verizon starts at $55 for 5GB of high-speed data. Additionally, you get unlimited calling and texting and unlimited international messaging from the country. You can also carry over unused data for another month, stay online after you’ve used your data with Safety Mode, and add data with a Data Boost.