Top 3 best prepaid and no contract cell phone services of 2017

Top 3 best prepaid and no contract cell phone services of 2017

The best prepaid plans come in the form of no contract services for cell phones. A prepaid plan with no contract is flexible, customizable, and can be ended whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about paying additional charges such as rental charges. This also means you get to save more money, time, and data too. Some plans allow you to carry over remaining data over to the next month. Such plans can be pretty useful if you aren’t always hitting your data limit. Here are the top three prepaid cell phone services with no contract data plans of 2017.

T-Mobile has completely done away with contracts and offers no contract data plans for cell phones. They have budget plans and high speed data plans. They offer blazing fast speeds and international pricing for regular travelers. Their coverage areas extend beyond the borders of the nation. Their basic plan starts at $30 a month which can go up to $60 a month depending on what services or features you opt for. They have plans which offer unlimited data, unlimited calling minutes, unlimited text messaging, and high speeds. T-Mobile performs very well in the network performance benchmark tests set by Ookla.

AT&T offers prepaid plans and have their own phone network. Their network coverage is very wide and most phone users in the US use AT&T as their cell phone carriers. They offer multi-line discounts, rollover data plans, unlimited data plans, and so much more. The best part about AT&T is that they offer a œpay-per-minute structure. You can opt to pay per minute of a call or per 5KB of data you use. This can be great if you want an option of not paying for excess data. Use their services whenever you like and get charged accordingly. You can opt for additional data package options or add-on features when you run out of data.

H20 Wireless
H20 wireless offers great support for any GSM smartphone. Their cell phone networks uses AT&T towers. They offer text messaging support for over 50 countries worldwide. Each of their plans offer international calling benefits for up to 10 unique numbers per month. This makes them the ideal cell phone service for international callers. Their prices are very reasonable and they offer the very popular pay-as-you-go facilities. If you want budget prices and affordable plans which won’t burn a hole in your pocket, try H20 Wireless.

When choosing a prepaid mobile service keep in mind the primary usage of the plan. Are you going to be conducting your business on this phone? Then you’ll need a plan that lets you make unlimited calls. If you travel outside the country or have close relatives who do, then opt for a service that offers the best international rates.