Top 2 cell phone services in America

Top 2 cell phone services in America

The best cell phone services all revolve around one aspect: coverage area. Wherever you are, getting decent coverage area and wireless receptions of a good quality is very important. More so than the price or other features. The amount of mobile data on offer is also important when choosing a cell phone service. This can make it hard for some users to decide between cell phone services. Make sure you strike a good balance between high speeds, usable data limits, and coverage area. The cell phone plans should also be affordable and not beyond the means of your pocket.

Good cell phone services also come with decent tech and customer support. You never know when you may run into technical issues, so it’s always good to keep your bases covered. Word of mouth is a good way to find out which plans or cell phone services are the most popular in your local area. It can help you narrow down your search by a large margin. Getting international coverage matters only if you travel across the world on a regular basis. You definitely want good coverage, both within and outside the country for your personal and professional life.

With all these in mind, here are the top two cell phone services in America.

T-Mobile wins the spot with it standing at the top of all other cell phone plans. They offer aggressively priced unlimited data plans and offer the best family plans. You can download, stream, and upload as much as you want without a care in the world. The network tests are second only to Verizon and the speeds are blazingly fast, even for their unlimited data plans. They offer additional perks like discount offers, weekly giveaways, and lucrative international prices for travelers.

Verizon is considered the best in the country in terms of speed, network performance, and coverage areas. If that’s all you think Verizon was good at, you’re wrong. Verizon offers a strong customer support team and amazing service for customers. They offer their very own exclusive network for a top notch 4G performance. They give 2GB of data per line for packages of 8GB, making them ideal for families.
Additionally, they offer budget plans too. Their most famous and recent one of $70 per month plan offers a 4GB data limit. They offer unlimited data plans as well. You can go beyond the usual data threshold without worrying about rollover charges or paying extra credit. They have great plans for international travelers as well. In terms of customer satisfaction, Verizon tops the charts. They have valuable online resources like troubleshooting, FAQs and online chat options.

As mentioned before, check which connection works better for your area and choose between the two.