Things you must ask yourself before choosing a satellite TV or internet service provider

Things you must ask yourself before choosing a satellite TV or internet service provider

Are you thinking about getting yourself a satellite Internet or TV service? Satellite services are no doubt a good option, but there are certain things you must know before choosing one, especially if it is your first time.

Check if your area is eligible for a satellite connection: Firstly, you must make sure that satellite connection is available in your area. It is mostly available in all areas as it does not require any cables or wires. The only thing that it requires is an unobstructed southern sky. Sometimes, a tree or a tall building gets in the way of transmission of a signal so you must call the service provider beforehand and ask whether you will get a strong signal.

Equipment required: The types of equipment that are required are only a dish and a modem. The function of the rooftop dish is to catch the signal from the orbiting satellite and then transfer it to the modem in your house. Then you can connect your router or your computer to the modem.

Check whether you have to buy or rent the equipment: Most service providers state that you have to buy the equipment, but some others give the option of renting them at the one-time basis. So after you know this, you can weigh out the price of equipment of various service providers and choose the one which would be in your budget.

Data cap on the best plan: Most of the service providers limit the data that you can receive from their satellites under a certain plan. This means when you subscribe to that particular plan you can download or stream of only that amount of data. This restriction varies depending upon the service providers. If you do a lot of online streaming, then go for the ones which give a higher limit, and if you need for a nominal use, then the regular ones would work for you. You must also know whether any fees will be charged for exceeding the cap.

Limitation on device connection: Long before, when cables and wires were used, there was a restriction on the number of devices that you can connect. But with the advent of the wireless networks, there is no such limitation. You can go on connecting devices endlessly. But you must keep in mind that the more devices you connect, the more your internet speed will reduce. More the number of devices, higher will be the speed required. Now if you have a satellite TV connection then this point would not apply.

Know about the cost beforehand: Whether you are installing a satellite TV connection or an internet connection, you must inquire about the entire cost beforehand. Some packages come with free installation while some others have installation charges. Don’t just go with the amount that is mentioned on the package because that is only for the internet or TV subscription. Installation charges are taken separately.

Next time, when you decide to change your service provider or get a new one, don’t forget these points.