The most popular screen size

The most popular screen size

The most popular screen size

Numerous options exist when a smartphone is to be bought. While if you choose to buy a 5.5 inch mobile or a 5.2 inch mobile, the options are galore but when it comes to a 4.7 inch mobile the choice might get limited as not many smartphones come in this exact size.

The reason for limited availability of smartphone less than the screen size of 5.5 inch mobile and 5.2 inch mobile is not very difficult to understand. Market analysts believe that with internet speeds becoming faster and availability of mobile content increasing tremendously, the lure of 5.2 inch mobile and 5.5 inch mobile is increasing in comparison to 4.7 inch mobile.

However, a large number of users still prefer a smaller size smartphone including the 4.7 inch mobile due to the reason that it is easier to fit in a single hand. They find it easier to carry it around in comparison to the bigger screen sized mobile phones.

However, avid smartphone users who prefer smaller screen size are of the opinion that it is easier to watch movies on a small screen size smartphone since it can be easily carried in the pocket and can be placed comfortably at any given place. Moreover, smaller screen smartphone like the 4.7 inch mobile will always weigh less in comparison to a bigger screen size smartphone.

It will also be easy on your pocket and you will have to pay less for the smartphone in comparison to the price that might have to be paid for a bigger screen size smartphone.

However, the smaller screen size smartphone at times have a smaller battery and will last less in comparison to bigger screen size smartphone, some of which are now available with a battery of 4100 mAh which can last up to 1.5 days with moderate use.

It is also true that initially small screen smartphone as 4.7 inch mobile were the most popular ones and the trend continued for a while before the advent of big screen mobiles as 5.5 inch mobile or a 5.2 inch mobile. However, avid smartphone users have not lost the taste for a smaller screen smartphone and many mobile phone manufacturers are now returning back to the old days and will launch innovative models with smaller screen size.

It is almost certain that people who prefer small size mobile smartphone will definitely return to the smaller version of the smartphone, once ample choices are available in the market. These people have graduated to a higher level only due to non-availability of quality small screen smartphone and will make the shift once smaller size smartphones are readily available in the market for them to make a choice.