Price, specifications, and features of the new iPhone 8

Price, specifications, and features of the new iPhone 8

With the new 2017 iPhone 8 having been launched, reviewers are busy analyzing the price, specifications, and other features of Apple iPhone 8 Plus. The new 2017 iPhone 8 has most features of the previous variants and includes features like wireless charging.

Apple’s iPhone 8 plus can be purchased through their official website, though some third-party websites are also selling the smartphone online. Some service providers like Virgin are giving Apple iPhone 8 plus for free with a network deal for the customers.

  • Design and appearance of the new 2017 iPhone 8
    Apple iPhone 8 plus is a worthy upgrade in the series of the smartphone being offered by Apple. The new 2017 new iPhone 8 is much similar to the iPhone 7 in appearance and features. The processor in iPhone 8 is bionic and is the smartest chip on the smartphone ever.This smartphone has glass on the front and back of the device which has been reinforced by welded copper. Apple’s iPhone 8 plus is dust resistant and has water-resistant capabilities.
    Expect HD retina display in the iPhone 8, and this smartphone also features a 12 MP camera.
  • Color options and cost
    The new 2017 new iPhone 8 is available in gold color, grey, and silver options and iPhone 8 with 64 GB version costs about $917, while iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB costs about $1048. A 256 GB version is also available for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.
  • Wireless Charging
    Similar to iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also come with wireless charging capabilities feature. This smartphone can simply be charged by placing it on the power pad. Incidentally, this kind of technology has been brought in the iPhone for the first time.Wireless charging is a very innovative feature and is all set to bring about a revolution in the way iPhone is used. This smartphone also comes with iOS 11, which are unique operating systems on which Apple smartphones operate.

Apple Pay, multitasking abilities, and a redesigned control panel are some of the features that have been included in the Apple iPhone 8 which make it a truly incredible smartphone in the real sense. This smartphone also comes with a 12 MP dual-lens camera which is much similar to the camera in iPhone 7 that was released last year. Expect a larger, faster sensor, new refined color filter and deeper pixels in iPhone 8, which make it remarkable in a sense.

The home button and touch ID remain intact in the iPhone 8 through the feature of facial recognition has not been given in iPhone 8, which make it a bit different from others in the league.

You can purchase iPhone 8 online from a host of websites where it is selling on a rapid basis at the best prices available.