Must-have AARP cellphones for seniors

Must-have AARP cellphones for seniors

It is not always easy for people above 50 who love to stay in touch through technology but find it difficult to make use of it. They can also find it complex to use the features. Cellphones are much needed for everyday life just to call or text someone. The best cellphones for senior citizens is provided by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). They make their life simple beautiful with minimal charges and user-friendly phones.

AARP is a non-profit organization and also a non-partisan organization founded in the year 1958. The main purpose of this organization is to serve and improve the lives of people above 50 years. It promotes services and products of high quality to senior citizens. AARP is a trusted source of support for more than 37 million senior citizens.

AARP is the most famous consumer cellular company in the US that provides the best offers for cellphone and cellphone plans for senior citizens. Their basic plan after discount starts at just $10 a month for cellphones and $19 to $60 per month from 250 to 2000 minutes over AT&T network. As there is no contract, the user can choose from any affordable network plans. AARP Consumer Cellular members would get 30% off on all cell phone accessories and also can be associated with other popular Cellular services like Sprint, AT&T, and Great Call.

Deals with AARP cellphone popular networks:
AARP cell phone with GreatCall:
The features are designed especially for seniors. Through the plan for seniors, the consumer can obtain the AARP mobile phone for around $15 a month. The user can make emergency or occasional phone calls and can also make free calls from GreatCall to GreatCall consumers anytime. One can find more details about this deal from Jitterbug phones.

AARP cell phone with Sprint: AARP members can avail offers from Sprint. From any Sprint showroom, one can just fill the eligibility form after the document verification. The user can automatically avail a two-year service contract.

Having an AARP membership makes it really helpful to avail many discounts on cell phone and service network plan. They do not have contracts and the membership costs less or around $16 in the US.

Live a risk-free life with AARP.