Landline phone services worth checking out in 2017

Landline phone services worth checking out in 2017

Cell phones might have made landline phones seem redundant, especially in 2017. But if you have ever used a landline phone, you know that it can trump cell phone any day. You don’t have to charge it, you only need to plug it in, be it to your PC or other service provider, and you are good to go. That brings us to the point: are landlines still relevant today?

Yes they are! As business phones and secure home phones too. You might get the option to purchase them as triple package with your internet and cable. But the best idea is to purchase the hardware separately. Even in 2017, you can choose a great service provider for landline. You can have unlimited calls, uninterrupted connectivity and voice mails. So what are the top landline phone services in the US this year?

Ooma Telo
Ooma Telo is a landline replacement phone system that will work well with your existing cordless phone. The adapter also connects directly to your router or broadband. The subscription for Ooma Telo is free. You can also make international calls and free calls to other Ooma Telo users. The service comes in two formats: basic and premier. The functionality in the basic plan is limited to call waiting, voice mail and user id. For any additional features, you would have to switch to the premier plan. Premier plan will allow you to make three-way calls, block calls and get voice mails screened through email. The prices are highly competitive but you would have to pay monthly taxes and fees. Other than that, Ooma Telo is perfect for your home.

One of the most popular landline phone services, Vonage offers VoIP (Voice over IP). VoIP allows to you to connect your landline device through a USB port or broadband. It also acts as an extension to your smart phone. When the landline receives a call, it will also be routed to your cell phone, so that calls are not missed. The basic plan allows you to make unlimited calls at $9.99 for the first year. After the initial year, you have to pay prescribed price for the services. You can also create online account with Vonage to add your cell phone number. This way, you can receive forwarded calls. Vonage may be slightly on the higher end in pricing. But it is worth every penny!

This home landline service also offers the internet. BasicTalk offers low cost call services to its consumers. They also offer unlimited calls for $9.99 to its consumers. But this does not include monthly fees and government taxes. The adapter comes for free and there are no subscription charges. You can make long distance unlimited calls using your internet connection. BasicTalk also allows you to set up an online account to forward your voice mails. It is a good service for those who want a simple landline service for home users.