iPhones v. Windows Phones

iPhones v. Windows Phones

If you are looking out for a phone this year, there are chances you want to choose between an iPhone and a Windows phone. Both these phones are known to have their advantages and disadvantages. While the Apple releases a model of its iPhone every year, Microsoft took the Nokia phones under its banner to release a slew of Windows phones.

Clearly, they are two of the leading players in the smartphones market today. We know that the iPhone is a much more popular choice for most buyers. However, many people who choose phones based on their price and features tend to veer towards Windows phones as well.

So we’re here today to compare the different iPhone models and the Windows phones.

  • Looks
    First thing’s first. Apple smartphones feel and look like a million bucks. That is not the case with most of the Windows phones you see in the market such as the Lumia 950 and HP Elite x3. Instead, the iPhone has managed to give it phones new and sleek looks with each passing version. In 2015, the iPhone 6s had a super-sleek and stunning design. This has become even more chic with the iPhone X.
  • Interface
    Windows phones have an interface that is easy to use. There are also watertight regulations that help to maintain the quality of working of a Windows phone. These phones are easy to use and understand. Also, if you change to another operating system, it doesn’t change the look and feel of the product drastically.
  • Customizing
    Creative people really enjoy the iPhone because it offers a lot of security while allowing you to enjoy numerous apps and tools on the App store to do something new and creative. Artists as well as programmers can do some really innovative things using the iPhone. This is not possible with a Windows phone.
  • Updates
    iPhone offers updates to its phone pretty frequently. However, that is not the case with Windows. Generally, as soon as we face trouble with the iPhone, we find a new update. That is also the reason security is so high on the iPhone. A virus will never make its way to your phone.
  • Features
    iPhones don’t have the best battery. Windows races far ahead of iPhones when it comes to battery life. This is also possibly because people tend to download more apps on the iPhone. Another aspect is the iCloud which has not become as popular as the Google Drive.
  • Browsing
    Windows phones tend to have great web browsers, unlike the iPhone. Although the customisations and applications are only available through the Windows store, the features are helpful and effective.

So for those who want a good-looking phone with some inspiring features and specs, the iPhone is a good option. Instead, those who want a phone that is just right for work purposes, Windows phones would be the right choice.