How is internet important to modern lives

How is internet important to modern lives

It goes without saying that the internet has become an integral part of human lives. It has greatly altered the manner in which we exist in society, as well as the way people interact with each other. If you take a look at why it has altered our social structure, you will understand the reasons behind its integration in life.

Why is the internet so popular?
It has offered new ways of communicating and interacting with people all over the world. You can talk through email, video calls, and social networking sites.

It also serves as a library where anything can be researched. It has helped in the creation of jobs and shaped economy in the new course. Both of these reasons have contributed to the widespread popularity of the internet. It will continue influencing human lives in these positive ways.

How does the internet help businesses?
Businesses have the ability to connect with customers all over the world. They can respond in different time zones, and ship internationally with ease. The ability to establish cheaper suppliers of the product is made easier with the internet too. Also, the sharing of ideas and business methods allow for a greater variety of strategies for business.

How does the internet influence society?
There is no way to deny that the internet has had a tremendous impact on the society at a large. But whether the influence has been positive or negative has evoked much debate. Since the use of internet has been largely unregulated, it has contributed to in crime and offensive activities. It has also changed the types of crimes, with internet scams becoming more popular. The internet has also opened new doors of opportunities for education and jobs.

How has the internet changed people?
Only two decades ago, the internet was only used by a small population of the world. Few people could comprehend what the internet was all about. But everything has changed at such a fast pace, that it’s difficult to keep up with the changes. Today, the internet is everywhere and new people are gaining access to it every single day. The recent explosion of understanding and the rising usage of the internet has influenced and shaped popular culture.

The UCLA internet report by Jeff Cole has documented the political, cultural, social and economic development that has taken place as a result of the internet. According to the report, for the first time ever since the inception of television, kids have found something that they are attracted to more than the television and it is definitely, the internet. It is crucial to note here that though the use of television is largely confined to entertainment and leisure. The use of internet helps also with learning and playing games that assist in mental growth.