Best models of cheapest laptops

Best models of cheapest laptops

You may be planning to buy a good cheap laptop with sound features. However getting a low price laptop with awesome features requires some research and homework. There are many deals for cheapest laptops on the Internet. The key is to find the most reliable dealer who supplies laptops within the budget of the customer. Though you can claim exciting deals on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, yet you need not wait for them. There are many intriguing offers for low budgets of laptops. You can purchase cheap Windows laptop with varying configurations.

Here are some of the cheapest laptops you can consider to buy:

HP 250 G5: The HP 250 G5 is the cheapest laptop which features i3 processor and 1 TB of hard disk. This laptop has all the decent features which you can expect at really cheap prices. It offers a handful of good features such as full HD display and high-speed processor.

The HP 250 series of laptops features cheapest i5 laptop which is suitable for multitasking and everyday computer chores. Superior laptops of HP 250 series feature 1 TB of hard disk drive, 8 GB RAM, and i5 processor at affordable price range. Some special models of HP 250 have the i7 processor.

HP 14 inch Intel Pentium: The HP 14 inch Intel Pentium is a low price laptop which comes at affordable prices. It has Intel Pentium processor, 128 GB SSD, and 4 GB RAM. The HP 14 inch Intel Pentium laptop is available in three colors red, grey and gold.

Linux 12X64: It is a 12-inch tablet with a 64 GB memory card and is extremely lightweight. The ultra-portable tablet comes with a keyboard and allows the users to carry out normal tasks such as editing documents and surfing the Internet.

Lenovo Idea Pad 320: It is a 14-inch laptop which is available in affordable price range. It offers 128 GB SSD, quick processing speed along with fast hard disk drive.

ASUS C201PA Chrome Book: The ASUS C201PA Chrome Book is an 11.6-inch laptop which features excellent features such as 13-hour battery life. You can buy it at affordable prices online and save more money.

ASUS Zen Book 3 UX390UA: This laptop has an i7 processor with 512 Gb hard drive and 16 GB RAM. It has irresistible features which can’t be denied.

Before buying the laptops, it is advised to carry out proper research for the features and functions of different laptop models. Check if you are getting the right features depending on the cost you are spending on it.

All the laptop mentioned above models are available at low cost. You can consider buying these low price laptops if you want to save extra bucks.