Here’s what you should know about Vans shoes

Here’s what you should know about Vans shoes

The Vans, California-styled shoes have been around for a very long time now. It has everyone wondering how Vans shoes have stood the test of time. They have managed to stay on the top through the many revolutions in the fashion industry.

Right from the beginning, Vans shoes were the ultimate hit. The shoes were first designed for skateboarders. In fact, their tagline “off the wall” is something skaters used to say back then. Within 10 years of opening, Vans became an international brand.

Vans now sells shoes that are well received in the sports, music and art industries. They also manufacture shirts, skateboards, backpacks and other merchandise.

The manufacturing process of Vans shoes has been the same through the years. They are made in a special vulcanized process. The upper part of the shoe is made of heat-resistant materials such as suede and leather. The rest is covered in cotton canvas and lined with metal detailing.

Vans shoes are of a certain quality. The materials used to make Vans have only improved over the years. The standard maintained by the brand keeps the customers loyal to their products. This has resulted in boosted sales of their other merchandise as well.

The first Vans shoes were skateboarding shoes which were the trend at the time. Later, they introduced weather resistant shoes and boots. Shoes that can be customized were a big hit. At the same time, there was absolutely no compromise with the quality of Vans shoes. Vans collaborated with the trendsetters of the time and released related footwear. It has come to be one of the favorite brands of youngsters everywhere.

The company is very active all over the world. They sponsor snowboarding, skateboarding, motorcycle and several other active sports contests. You can find Vans in the footwear of most active sports. The company releases shoes with trending designs regularly.

We have Vans to thank for the introduction of the slip on shoes. These shoes can be easily worn and removed without the hassle of untying the lace. Vans slip-on shoes have an excellent grip. They are available in several patterns. A signature pattern is a checkered slip-on that was introduced in 1977. They have many other iconic designs that are unique.

Vans is one of the coolest brands that focus on comfort and also maintains quality while incorporating creative models of shoes. The action sports shoe collection have shoes manufactured in all kinds of sports. They have innovative prints and designs which keep them fun and interesting.

Vans started off as a simple manufacturing company. It was the only company at the time that sold shoes directly from factory outlets. It later transformed into a marketing company in 1990. Through many successful campaigns, the brand is now a world renowned name.