Tips for deciding if a Santa tree topper is right for your tree

Tips for deciding if a Santa tree topper is right for your tree

Decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve is the most fun part of the festival for manyespecially kids. It is the central character of the whole celebrations, so it is only right to spend a considerable time deciding its decorations and then decorating it accordingly. There are many ways you can decorate your Christmas treewith simple balls, tinsels and stars, with snowflakes and white doves, with animal figurines, or something personalized like photographs and handmade trinkets. Deciding the topper of the tree is very important as it acts as the crown of the whole tree. Many people use a star while some others use snowman figurines or an angel topper for Christmas tree.

Santa Claus decorations is a popular theme for Christmas tree and thus also a tree topper. Here are some tips if you are deciding to go for a Santa tree topper.

Keep it in tone with the rest of the decorations
While choosing your Santa tree topper, consider what decorations you have done for the tree itself. If it is something like simple balls, tinsels, and Christmas bells, it is better to keep the topper a star. It looks bold and bright and matches yet stand out among the rest of the decoration at the same time.

However, if you have gone for an otherwise Santa decoration with tiny sleds, reindeer antlers, and socks, you might as well top the tree with Santa Claus figurines to go with the rest of the tree.

Maintain the color code
If you have gone white for your Christmas tree, there is no need to break it with Santa Claus topper, but rather use a dove or a snowflake or snowman figurines to bedeck the crown of the tree. However, in case your tree has red and white socks, mittens, and candy canes of the same color combination, go with Santa tree toppereither a Santa Claus figurine or a Santa cap in red and white to wrap up the decorations.

Think of the people invited
If you have kids or there are going to be many kids among the people invited to your house, do not hesitate to choose a Santa over an angel or snowman tree topper. Santa Claus is the favorite thing about Christmas for most kids, and so you can make it fun for them by giving a Santa Claus-y twist to the entire party. You might as well hire a Santa Claus or ask one of your family members or friends to dress up like Santa and distribute the Christmas gifts to the kids.

The right Christmas tree toppers can give the right finish your Christmas tree needs and also set the mood for the party, so choose it wisely and make it fun!