How to use printable coupons?

How to use printable coupons?

With the prices of consumable products on a rise, every household is looking for ways to make some savings. Most of the shoppers look for coupons to save money while shopping. Coupons can be printable coupons as well as online coupons. Let’s get some idea on both these coupons.

What are printable coupons?
Printable coupons are nothing but the manufacturer and store coupons that are available on the web and which you can print and carry to avail attractive discounts. Most of the time you can print two coupons by hitting the refresh button or going back to the last page. However, some coupons clearly say do no double, which means you cannot print these coupons twice.

Printable coupons are similar to the inserts that you find in the newspapers. These coupons can be the manufacturer’s coupon or a store coupon. Most of the stores allow you to use the manufacturer’s coupon along with the store coupon on the same product. But the policy varies from store to store; so ask before applying the coupon during checkout.

Where do you find free printable coupons?
You can find free printable coupons on websites like,, and These are the genuine sources for legit coupons. Other sites offer fake coupons, which will not get you any discounts.

If you are looking for specific manufacturer discount or coupon, always check out the manufacturer’s website first. Most of them offer regular promotions and special offers on their websites.

How to choose free printable coupons
Visit the genuine websites offering coupons and browse through the ones available. If you are looking for any specific store coupons, then search for the same. Select the coupon that you want to use and hit the print button. Take it to the store and present it at the billing counters.

Online coupons that are free
Online coupons are the discount codes or promo codes or the numbers that can be used to redeem the discount when you make the purchases online at the store’s website. These coupons are valid only for online purchases. These codes cannot be use for in-store purchases. The offers and discounts vary for online and in-store purchases.

Online coupons are usually sent by an email to the loyal customers. Sometimes, they are also available online on coupon sites. Once your online shopping is done, you apply these codes at the checkout. The coupons are applied only on the items that the store sells directly.

If you are not registered as the store’s loyal customer, you can contact the store directly and ask if any coupons are available for online purchases. The staff will be happy to help you with the coupons. Find the right deal and maximize your savings.