Features to look for in ski helmets

Features to look for in ski helmets

Over the years, ski helmets have changed in purpose and style. Not only do the modern ski helmets protect your head from injury, but they also make for trendy headgear while you ski down the slopes. They feature several designs and useful features that are suitable for even the most style-conscious or fussy of the skiers. Whether you go for ski helmets clearance sales or shop online or even buy the most expensive ones, you need to know about some important features of good ski helmets before buying them.

Chin straps
Sometimes, you find that the chin straps on the helmets are too tight; so much so that they are uncomfortable and you simply leave them undone. You should have adjustable chin straps to make sure that the helmet is secure, and that can help you to breathe comfortably and not push into your air supply. Some helmets consist of padding over the strap, which will help you have a very secure fit that is highly comfortable as well.

Air Vents
Helmets today arrive equipped with varied air vent systems that are essential if you feel too hot when you do skiing or snowboarding, or when you are in much warmer climates. The better ski helmets usually have adjustable air vent systems and you can either close or open the vents depending upon how much the temperature is outside and how much warm you want your head to be.

A ski helmet has to be fitting the wearer properly if you wish to use the gear for protecting your head and not just for style. It’s essential to try out various sizes as well as styles to get the best helmet as possible that fits your head and its shape perfectly.

You need to check whether it is secured, or keeps slipping off your head. Not only is a wobbly helmet annoying, but it is also dangerous and might not exactly protect your skull. A Boa (which is like a dial) is found in the best of the ski helmets, where you can simply adjust the fit.

Ear covers
If you have ears that get cold quickly, then ear covers that are padded do the trick. They are an absolute necessity if you are not wearing a balaclava or a beanie and if you require any additional guard against the cold. You also have the flexibility to select helmets with detachable ear covers. So, if you’re going to be doing skiing during the spring, you can simply remove them.

It is always recommended to look for ski helmets reviews before you buy one. This would help you to know which are the best ski helmets to pick!