4 tips for buying women’s discount shoes

4 tips for buying women’s discount shoes

Slingbacks, peep-toes, gladiators, ballet flats, pumps, platforms: the choice for women’s shoes is endless. The choices can be overwhelming, with every hue and style available. The quality of shoes can be variable, you never know if your shoes will last more than just a walk around the block. Worst of all, what if you buy a gorgeous pair of shoes that gives you blisters and are uncomfortable to wear?

Truth is, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style. You can even get decent shoes at great discounts. You can get the best of both worlds in the same pair. Here’s some guidelines for buying awesome discount shoes for women.

Shop for quality and during the evenings: If you find discount shoes that don’t fit your feet, they probably won’t do you any good. Swelling of feet occurs more at the end of the day. This is the best time to shop for shoes and try them out at your favorite designer brands. Test out the sizes and see if they fit comfortably. Don’t obsess over a number since feet measurements or shoe size measurement units can differ from one designer label to another.

Remeasure your feet yearly: It’s a known fact, but still surprising when you hear it out loud. Feet sizes change every year. It can be as a result of weight loss, weight gain, old age, or pregnancy. Remeasuring your feet can help you make better buying decisions for getting that golden pair of perfect shoes.

Check with the retailer: Whether you are buying online or offline, check with the retailer. Some retailers offer bulk discounts while others let you snap up good deals if you frequently buy from them. You may be eligible to use coupons too. Discounts don’t just stop there. If the staff and retailers know you well and you’re a frequent shopper, you may be able to rack up on your discounts even further by using multiple coupons. Again, check with the retailer.

Watch out for clearance sales: Getting discounted shoes in clearance sales can be an amazing deal. If you don’t like the idea of buying at market rates, keep your eyes peeled and watch out for these events. Chances are, you might be able to grab a pair for substantially lower rates than normal. Clearance sales are like hubs for sellouts. Sometimes you may get a pair of expensive Birkenstocks for as low as 30% of the original price! If that’s not discount, then what is?

If you’re lucky, you may be able to buy in bulk in clearance sales too. Take note that clearance sales sell at rock bottom prices in limited stocks. This means these can be your only chance to get those never before seen deals.