Here’s how one can increase the value of their home

Here’s how one can increase the value of their home

Almost 70% of the homeowners believe that their residential property is their biggest asset. Therefore, maintaining it well in a competitive real estate market is a top priority for many. However, to enhance the value of a property for building equity or getting a better sale price, several owners end up splurging on unnecessary amenities or installations. So how can you decide what works? Continue reading to find out!

First impressions might not be accurate; however, in real estate, they can definitely be a game-changer. Homeowners should ensure that their space doesn’t deliver an outdated vibe, particularly the areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Focusing on the aesthetics of the home doesn’t mean one indulges in luxury kitchen remodeling or upgrading media rooms. In other words, one doesn’t need to dish out on an extravagant kitchen remodeling consisting of stone countertops, custom cabinets, or commercial-grade appliances to make the cut. A kitchen remodeling capable of holding modern amenities or having the potential for customization would simply suffice. The same approach is to be taken for the bathroom. Adding decent flooring and upgraded fixtures can go a long way than fancy embellishments like designer fixtures or heated flooring.

Prospective homebuyers also desire their new homes to be smart as well as secure. Therefore, one should consider installing intelligent technology in their property such as fire and gas detectors, door locks and lighting, security alarms and cameras, and thermostats.

Homeowners should also pay close attention to the curb appeal, i.e., how the property looks from the exterior. Simply put, a home’s exterior look should motivate a prospective buyer to come inside and take a look. While making changes, the paint of the exterior walls and a well-maintained landscape are two things that should make it to the homeowner’s upgrade checklist.

Likewise, homeowners should attempt to make their property low-maintenance. Any prospective buyer will shy away from the option of quoting on a property that needs major maintenance work, especially related to plumbing, wiring, roof, HVAC system, or kitchen remodeling. Therefore, before putting up the property for sale, homeowners should get the necessary improvements and repairs done to increase their prospects and home value.

Lastly, having an energy-efficient property can vastly contribute to the appeal; however, one should only consider getting upgrades such as double-pane windows, efficient appliances, enhanced attic insulation, or LED lightings for a quick boost in the home value. Homeowners installing eco-friendly technologies like solar panels should be aware that it will help in the long-term, but it might not instantly increase the home value. Since they’re dealing with big investments, financially as well as structurally, homeowners should think their decision through before getting a house.

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