Benefits of buying a cheap mobile home

Benefits of buying a cheap mobile home

There are a number of benefits for buying a mobile home as opposed to buying property. Benefits in terms of quality, equity, upgrades, cost, flexibility and more.

Simple living: If you are not looking for something fancy and are contempt with the basics, buying a mobile home is the cost-effective way to go. The estimated cost per square foot of any mobile home is half to that of a traditional home. This in itself is the biggest winning argument for buying one. Granted if you are looking to modify and make most of the space, that just might not be possible in case o a mobile home. There are a number of building a material restrictions when it comes to manufactured homes and thus there is very little room for expansion. But on a positive note, these homes serve the purpose they were intended to in the first place. Basic, economical and minimalistic living, with the number of people opting for mobile homes increasing by the day.

Flexibility: The biggest advantage to buying a mobile home is having the option to move from one place to another without even breaking a sweat. Mobile homes are designed to stay static once placed on site, but are also designed to be moved with ease form one place to another. Not all trailer parks and mobile home parks will have licenses or proper permits to continue staying and hence, there is a good chance that you just might have to move you home a couple of miles down the road. So, hitch it to the back of your trailer and you’re good to go, with minimal efforts and time spent.

Upgrades: Although prefabricated homes are difficult to upgrade and don’t have much room to do so, nothing is stopping you from upgrading the entire home altogether. As mentioned earlier, the cost to own and maintain a mobile home is half of what you might just incur for a traditional home. There is a good chance, the cost of buying a new mobile home might not even be more than the cost of say renovating a big two or three-bedroom house with the works.
Also, when it comes to mobile homes, the fee paid for renting the land on which these homes are built will include all the basic sewage, garbage, recycling pickup services. There is the added advantage of no property taxes for mobile homes.

Overall, buying cheap mobile homes are more cost effective than your traditional homes, in terms of upkeep and maintenance also.