Top four cat food brands and their reviews

Top four cat food brands and their reviews

Some of the best cat food reviews include brands that have been analyzed keeping in mind one important factor, the formula. For the top brands to make this list of cat food reviews, the formula had to contain a high protein diet essential for cats, should not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, and dyes. The formula should also not contain rendered fat, meat by-products, any sugar or garlic for that matter.

Here are the popular cat food brands available globally on major retailer websites:

Herbed duck confit entre by Addiction: The primary ingredient of this product is a duck with carrageenan, cassie gums, taurine, brushtail, venison, dried seaweed, potatoes, peas, among other added vitamins and minerals. The product is rich in omega 3 and 6 which is good for the skin and coat and is reasonably priced at $60 which will vary depending on the retailer. The product is available in 5.5 ounces and 6.5-ounce variants and is recommended by many happy consumers based on various cat food reviews found online.

Chicken meal and field pea by Blackwood: This is a dry cat food with its primary ingredient that consists of chicken meal. The recipe is all natural, and the product is grain free, allergy relief and is made in the country and exported globally. The recipe also contains proven probiotics and the overall composition of the product consisting of 40% protein, 18% fat and 4% fiber. Dry cat food is comparatively cheaper to canned cat food which can be purchased for under $20 depending on the retailer.

Wild sea catch by Earthborn Holistic: Salmon meal is the main ingredient for wild sea catch optimal for providing all the nutrition your cat or kitten will ever need. Apart from a salmon meal, the formula is a good blend of natural vegetables and fruit fiber which is good for aiding digestion. The formula is also rich in antioxidants, and nutrients like Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Wild sea catch comes is a preferred brand as suggested by popular cat food reviews that can be found online and consumer reports available by regulatory agencies.

Gold holistic adult by Fromm: Made with duck, gold holistic is a dry cat food with a natural formula. The chicken, liver, whole eggs and cheese in the formula compliment the fresh duck well, to provide a complete and balanced nutrition regardless of the age of your furry, fuzzy feline. Suited for all ages, a gold holistic adult comes in a five-pound bag priced at $46 to $50 depending on the retailers online.