Top eight dog training tips

Top eight dog training tips

If you have a canine friend at home or are planning to have one, you must know a few things about training it to be well-behaved and obedient. You also need to work on house training, toilet training and leash training your furry friend. Listed below are some of the best practices to train your little puppy.

Listen to your dog
You should always listen to your dog. You should never force your pet to say hello to other animals or people if he is not feeling comfortable. You should always respond to and respect your dog’s decision. Forcing it to act your way may cause problems.

Be generous with your affection
You may be straight forward when you are unhappy with your dog. But you must make sure that you praise him every time he does something good. You must let him know that he is being a good pet. It will not be harmful to be a little over the top and give him some delicious treats as a means of appreciation.

Does he like it?
You have to be alert about his choice of food. He may not like everything you feed him. Soft and chewy food is liked by puppies more than hard and crunchy ones.

Tell him want you want
Instead of denying him, tell him what you want him to do. If you tell him ‘no’ he may do the opposite thing. So it is better to state to him clearly what you want him to do to avoid confusion.

Be consistent
While training your dog, make sure all your family members are on the same page. Multiple commands from different people will make him confused. He will not understand what you want exactly.

Feed high quality food
Your dog needs a lot of protein. Always consult with your vet about the right diet for your dog. Or else you may have to spend more money to the vet later on to cure your pet.

Have realistic expectations
You have to have realistic expectations if you want to change any of your dog’s behavior. You must know that the typical doggie behavior take longer time to change. Again if after many years of doing something regularly, you want to change it, it will take much more time. But always remember it is never too late.

You may gradually let your dog roam about your house, but do not give extra freedom at once. Unnecessary freedom may cause unwanted accidents. You can lock the empty rooms to avoid problems initially.