3 Best Dog Food Brands For Pregnant Dogs

3 Best Dog Food Brands For Pregnant Dogs

Dogs are a blessing and definitely man’s best friend. Female dogs are generally more affectionate, motherly and caring as compared to the naughty male dogs that are testosterone-fueled and are active all day. When your female dog is impregnated, she will be calmer and will choose not to be active much and be by herself most of the time. There are days when she might get fussy and not eat the regular dog food and meals that she usually ate before her pregnancy. Similar to female humans, female dogs also have a change in their smells, tastes, and hormones which make them fussy eaters during the entire pregnancy. Nutrition is of utmost importance during this phase and it is crucial to feed your dog healthy food instead of the regular dog food as the puppies inside her will be feeding off of this nutrition.

Here are some of the best dog food brands that you need to get your hands on immediately for your pregnant dog –

Pedigree Petfoods
Pedigree Petfoods have been in the dog food industry for decades and are one of the most trustworthy and best dog food brands that are easily available across the world. The brand has now created a food pack for ‘Mother and Pup’ which is from their premium dog food range. This range has added nutrients, proteins, calcium, vitamins etc. that are needed for the proper development of the puppies in the womb as well as for the mother so that she doesn’t get weak while providing for the puppies. It also helps is producing superior quality milk for the puppies once conceived. The best part about this is that it can be given to the puppies once they are 3 weeks old. This dog food is perfect for them as it helps them with necessary nutrients for their health.

Hill’s Puppy Foods
This is another brand which is highly recommended for pregnant pets or nursing dogs. Since pregnant or nursing dogs require more fat, energy, and protein-rich food, the Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Foods are the best options for your furry pal. The idea of feeding the puppy foods to your pregnant dog is basically to provide her extra calcium, proteins, and energy which growing puppies require. As she consumes this food, the puppies in the womb also feed on these which in turn makes the transition to solid foods from the mother’s milk fairly easy. There are a lot of different options in this such as wet canned food which is slightly savory, ‘Ideal Balance’ meal which contains brown rice and chicken, and other different dry food options that you can pick from. This brand is considered as one of the top 5 best dog food brands in the country and is easily available at grocery stores, online as well as at Vet clinics or pet stores.

Purina Pro Plan
Purina is yet another well known best dog food brand that is recommended by vets throughout the world. Purina specializes in different types of dog foods depending on the breeds, size of the dogs as well the kind of nutrition that you are looking to provide to your pregnant dog and the puppies. The brand recommends feeding puppy food mixed with the regular adult dog food of the brand as the puppy food is packed with nutrients, calcium, and vitamins as compared to adult food. This best dog food helps the pregnant dog receive more energy to be active as well as the it helps her for lactation. Once the puppies are conceived, the transition from mother’s milk to puppy food is fairly easy as they have been accustomed to the taste by now.

Apart from this, make sure the your pregnant dog likes the dog food that is given to her. During pregnancy, they can be quite fussy and cranky about the food that is served.