What Is AARP Health Insurance?

What Is AARP Health Insurance?

AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that works on a membership basis. It was established in 1958 through the efforts of Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired school teacher. Its main aim is to work towards improving the quality of life for all people as they age.

Since 1999, the organization has been called as the AARP. Its basic requirement for membership has also changed. It no longer needs people to be retired. But they must be aged at least 50 years or older. The focus is still on issues that affect older people. With more than 38 million members, AARP is a powerful lobbying group.

AARP’s huge membership and its varied activities help it generate most of its income. It doesn’t depend on government grants or private donations. However, it receives both for some programs. One of AARP’s affiliated organizations is AARP Insurance Plans.

AARP Health Insurance

AARP isn’t an insurance company. But it does endorse specific insurance plans provided by health insurance companies. In return for letting the insurance company use its intellectual property, including the AARP name, it receives royalties. These royalties go towards funding the group’s activities.

AARP Health Insurance Plans

Essential Premier Health Insurance: These are high premium health insurance plans offering comprehensive coverage for the insured.

Essential Health Insurance: Low premium fixed cash hospital indemnity plans

Essential Plus Health Insurance: These offer better coverage than basic Essential Health Insurance. They’re a low-cost option to get good health insurance coverage.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance: These competitively priced indemnity plans offer some fixed cash benefits that can complement other health insurance covers the client might have.

For members who are above 65, AARP offers an array of Medicare-related plans:

Medicare Complete: Offers full Medicare benefits and more. This includes covering the cost of prescription drugs and fitness benefits. It doesn’t put limitations on pre-existing conditions.

MedicareRx: This is an exclusive cover for prescription drugs to help older people keep up with the rising cost of medicines.

Medicare Supplement: These plans can help the insured pay some of the expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare.

Health insurance and Medicare related plans can help reduce the cost of health care for senior citizens. AARP Health Plans are more flexible when it comes to considering pre-existing health conditions. So, it’s easier to get health insurance through AARP-endorsed insurance. AARP services are designed to help older people. Those who are retired get easy access to essential services like healthcare.

The AARP is an institution that works to ensure that senior citizens don’t find themselves without health cover. That’s especially important since most of the people that the AARP works for don’t have a regular source of income after retiring.