New to the stock market, here are a few tips to get you started

New to the stock market, here are a few tips to get you started

When you are new to the stock market, all those numbers and percentages fluctuating might seem like some morse code that only a few gifted ones can decode. This is not the case however since even the average joe can make use of online tools and best online trading platforms available at his or her disposal to invest and make a decent profit in the stock market.

Of course while venturing into unchartered territories, it is imperative to understand the basics. The stock market can be pretty unpredictable and volatile at times which is why investing smartly is the only way to go. There are simply too many variables to be taken into account otherwise, which is why these helpful tips will guide you through the maze of stocks and commodities trading.

Buying and selling: A simple logic to follow, buy stock when they are in their lows and sell when they hit your expected mark, to make a profit. Prices keep fluctuating which is why a significant amount of your time will be spent on finding out the best time to “call” on a particular share and when to “put” to cash in. Best online trading platforms will offer various features enabling you to do the same.

No sure thing: There is nothing in the stock market which can be termed as a sure thing. The sooner you get used to this fact, the better will be your chances of surviving the highs and lows while taking a chance!

Long-term investments: Long-term investments prove to be beneficial. Short term investing might yield you the desired return on investment, but by the time you pay taxes on your earnings on every single transaction, there might not be much left to party around with. Long-term investments will be a better option regarding profitability and stability.

Dividends: You will earn a dividend on your investments from time to time which is a good thing. Bonus issue of shares will be a golden opportunity to cash in on your investment, but till then, dividends are a good bonus in itself. It is a good idea to own stock of any company who pay part of their profits from time to time. Best online trading platforms boast analytical tools and resources which can be used to find out the best investment opportunities.

Types of stock: Just because a stock is priced at $500/share doesn’t make it expensive to own. Similarly, a stock which is priced at $10/share doesn’t make it a cheap stock. Investing by the price of a single share is not a good idea. Investment should be made keeping in mind what are the possible returns from a particular stock by taking into account the overall performance of that share regardless of its price.