Alternative investment options, how to spot hot commodities

Alternative investment options, how to spot hot commodities

Silver bars are a hot commodity; they sell well and are much safer bet than silver coins or gold bars for your financial future.
Maybe you’ve done some research on their benefits and want to invest in silver bars. A lot of people aren’t quite sure where to buy them, though. Reliable sellers can be hard to find. With counterfeit bars in the market, it can be difficult to spot a good investment opportunity.

Silver prices today are also another thing to take into account. With all this in mind, you might feel a little confused on how to find the best bars. Here, we’ve listed some great guidelines to follow when looking for reliable silver bar investments.

Their Bars Are Stamped: Quite simply, most authentic silver bars are stamped. But only some bars on the market have adequate stamping, while others don’t have any markings whatsoever. How do you ensure you’ve got the right stamping, and make sure your bars have the right the details? For starters, look for the weight of the bar in ounces in their stamping information. This can be easily checked. The next check is the refinery information, which should include manufacturing details. This can be verified as well. After that, look for the purity information; this tells you how pure the bar is, and the percentage of pure silver contained in the bar.
Finally, every good silver bar comes with a serial number. That’s something you can verify with a cursory check as well.

Strong Better Business Bureau Or Trustpilot Rating: Look for silver bar sellers who have repeat customers, since most people won’t return after a bad buying experience.
Checking their trustpilot rating is also a good method. Check the seller’s rating from the rater’s website, instead of the dealer’s site. Most trustpilot rating logos can be copied to fake their advertising and make them look legitimate. If the seller if listed or mentioned on the rater’s website with good ratings, they are likely safe and sell in the market in accordance with good silver prices today.

Large Dealers: If the seller has large volumes of silvers bars and silver coins up for sale, that’s a good sign. Also, a good dealer usually ships their product within 24-48 hours of the payment being processed. If they don’t ship the bars to you by then, it’s a red flag.

Online Store: Online store dealers give you greater flexibility. They can even be cheaper than local stores! With such stores, a good sign to consider is whether they offer you multiple forms of payment, such as cash, wire transfers, cheque and so on.