Why Buy AARP Health Insurance?

Why Buy AARP Health Insurance?

AARP is a long established organization that works to ensure a better quality-of-life for all Americans aged 50 and above. AARP provides a number of benefits for its members. Currently, they’ve got more than 38 million members.

One of the benefits that the AARP offers is health and medicare supplemental insurance plans. This can help reduce the cost of hospitalization and medicines. While the AARP isn’t an insurance company, it endorses certain insurance plans for older people provided by recognized names in the health insurance industry.

AARP Health and Medicare Insurance
There are different levels of cover you can choose. The higher the premium, the more comprehensive the coverage. You can also choose to pay high deductibles to keep premiums low.

Premier Plans: These are like regular health insurance policies that provide more comprehensive cover. These plans generally cover 80% of usual health care expenses, like prescription drugs, preventive care, doctor visits, and hospitalization. You have to pay the deductible before the insurance will cover the remaining cost.

Health Plans with High Deductibles: These plans are compatible with Health Saving Accounts. You pay a low premium, but for all claims you’ll have to pay a high deductible. You can opt for these plans if you’re healthy and seldom pay a visit to the doctor. You can also choose this plan if you’re self-employed to take advantage of tax benefits associated with a HSA.

Preventative Care and Hospitalization Plans: These plans cost the least in premiums, but you need to pay most expenses by yourself. You pay for doctor visits and prescription drugs, even within the network. These plans only cover hospitalization and outpatient procedures.

Advantages of AARP Health Insurance
– AARP is lenient about certain common medical conditions. With AARP, you’re more likely get affordable cover even with health conditions like high cholesterol or hypertension. When going through your medical history, AARP looks at the records for the past five years. So, if you’ve had a serious problem like a heart attack seven years ago, but are now fully recovered, this won’t affect your policy
– All AARP plans provide an annual physical, a prostate examination for men, a mammogram and gynecological exam for women
– AARP members can buy insurance for their dependents. This is especially useful in case there’s no employer sponsored family cover

AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance
These plans help cover some medical expenses that aren’t covered under medicare.
– AARP approves 99.94 percent of the applications they receive. It only rejects patients with chronic kidney disease
– AARP does not charge premiums based on age
– It uses community rating
– You pay the same premium regardless of your age, health, or gender
– This may translate into higher premiums when you’re younger. However, it works to your advantage as you grow older
– The premiums don’t increase with age
– AARP provides 24/7 toll-free customer service

Long Term Care Insurance
AARP Long Term Care Insurance can help reduce the cost of long term nursing care or residing in assisted-living facilities. AARP guaranties that premiums of these covers will remain unchanged for five years. You can call AARP Customer Service when you need in deciding the level of cover you should purchase.

AARP endorsed insurance plans can help you get health cover at competitive prices. AARP is a powerful organization with a collective voice that can influence policy decisions. So, insurance companies who provide covers for AARP members take care to provide quality coverage and service.