Why You Should Opt for a Rent-to-Own Option for Furniture

Why You Should Opt for a Rent-to-Own Option for Furniture

You’ve just bought a home, and putting down money on furnishing your home is a tad difficult. But, how can you live in a home without any furniture and appliances? This can seem to be a very troubling situation. But we are going to tell you the way out. By choosing the rent-to-own option from Aarons Furniture, you can fulfill all your home furnishing needs and that too at an amazing price.

Whether you’re looking to buy wardrobes and beds for your bedroom or cabinets for the kitchen or sofas for the living room, you can find a wide selection of brand new furniture at Aarons Furniture. You can also find TVs, laptops and gaming consoles on offer. The best part is there are no credit checks. So, you can buy your choice of furniture and appliances for your home by paying a nominal amount.

Here are the benefits of choosing to buy furniture/appliances through the rent-to-own option from Aarons furniture.

Easy on finances

When you buy furniture on a rent-to-own basis, there is no large outflow. Even if you’re on a tight budget on the homefront. You need to furnish the nursery for your first child or build a study, you can opt for Aarons Furniture rent-to-own option.


The biggest benefit of Aarons Furniture rent-to-own is convenience. Not only is your choice of furniture/appliance delivered to your door, you are free to cancel and return the rented item, without any questions asked. As and when needed, you can add to your existing furniture or downgrade the size of your rented furniture.

Reduced responsibility

When you buy and take ownership of any furniture/ appliance, the onus of maintenance and repairs rests on you. You’ll have to take time out and spend out of your pocket to carry out any repairs. The USP of rent-to-own with Aarons furniture is the responsibility for maintenance and repairs is with the lessor.

How to lease-out

Leasing out furniture and appliances from Aarons furniture is a simple process. There are no credit checks. All you need to submit is your income source, residence, and personal references. Once you choose the payment, which is flexible to suit individual budgets, the furniture is delivered to your doorstep with set-up assistance provided as well. You can have the lease ownership payment spread over 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. You can also choose to pay within 120 days, in which case the entire cost of lease services is waived off. Once the last installment is paid off, you gain ownership.

Warranty coverage

Aarons Furniture provides warranty coverage on all leasings. So, in case of any defects, you are entitled to exchange. If you lease furniture from Aaron’s, you get limited extended warranty for 60 more days after you acquire ownership.

Caution checks

Rent-to-own can seem from Aarons furniture financially viable, especially when you’re cash-strapped. The total cost, naturally, is bigger in the long-run. So, before you sign the rent-to-own contract, check out the following:

-How much you need to pay and when they’re due
-What are the other fees that add up to the cost
-When you will possess the ownership
-What’s the status of the furniture; new or used
-Any penalty for early settlement
-Responsibility for damages and cost of repairs
-Outcome of a missed payment

Make a thorough check on the above aspects before you sign on the dotted line. These checks will ensure that your rights are well protected and you will face no liability.
The rent-to-own option is a great deal to furnish your home that does not call for instant down payment. You have the flexibility to choose your payment plan and acquire ownership at a future day. In fact, this option is stress-free and keeps you free of responsibility. However, it is recommended that you read the fine print and read all the clauses in the contract thoroughly.