Types of popular adjustable beds available in the market

Types of popular adjustable beds available in the market

Adjustable beds are really common these days; a lot of households are opting for them. An adjustable bed is basically a multiple hinged lying surface which can be set up or profiled in different manners or positions. The most common position of an adjustable bed is, inclining the upper body and raising the lower body independently of each other.

A very common feature when it comes to adjusting the beds is to adjust the height and also tilting it according to personal preferences. There is a huge increase in demand for adjustable beds these days and basically everyone is looking out to get one of these beds to their homes.

Earlier adjustable beds were more commonly used in places like hospitals, as it would provide more comfort to the patients residing there. Medically, adjustable beds have proven to provide better sleep and give relief to people suffering from many different medical conditions like back pain, spinal cord pain, injuries in body, common cold and flu. They work really well , when it comes to recovering from certain backbone injuries , also a lot of old people prefer these as it helps them sleep well and also gives good amount of rest to their bodies.

There are about four different types of adjustable beds available in the American market. The first one and the most common one is the standard bedding , it can be lowered up to 40cm and raised to about 80cm,and can take the maximum weight of about 180kg. Similar to the standard adjustable bed is the low bedding. This has a minimum platform height of about 21cm.

Next comes the ultra –low bedding, this type of adjustable bed is basically designed for the usage without side rails, this bed can go down or low up to 67mm from the floor , so that if the person falls from the bed, the impact wouldn’t be that much as compared to other beddings. This type of adjustable bed is widely used for elder persons and children. The next one is called the Bariatric adjustable bed, this is mostly a weight barring bedding, and can take up to 286 kgs of weight at once and are no less than 120cm wide.

The most basic and the most popular structure of an adjustable bed is of a slatted base which comprises of a twin drive or a triple drive motor. The main support that the mattress gets comes from the flexibility of the slats and also the elastic mountings that are present on the frame. The Slatted base are very affordable when it comes to the price.The most advanced type of adjustable bed are the ones that provide full flexible base, these provide full support to the mattress at every pressure point possible , but these definitely require really heavy motors due to their bulky weight. The fully flexible adjustable beds are made up of zoned fillings or a lot of them are made up of cold foams and covered with 3D mesh or space fabric to be more precise and also latex.

All adjustable beds have four joints that are: back, stable, leg, foot, and are operated by twin drive motors especially the leg and back joints. The movement of neck and the foot joint is semi-automatic. The sliding back feature of the adjustable bed is really something that attracts a lot of customers, a lot of couples prefer going for these, as they can keep constant eye contact with each other.

The adjustable beds are definitely a part of the modern day household and bedding system. More and more people each day are switching to these types of beds.