Things that make Fiesta dinnerware so popular

Things that make Fiesta dinnerware so popular

Fiesta dinnerware has been around since 1936 and has brought about a revolution in the way dinnerware has been treated so far. Fiesta dinnerware has been able to maintain its niche in the market owing to the innovations tried by the manufacturers to give a befitting reply to other competitors who have evolved over the years. The dinnerware manufacturers have always paid attention to minute details and it has worked in their favor always.

Health has been a major concern for people who use ceramic dinnerware in general and Fiesta dinnerware in particular. However, considering the health implications, Fiesta dinnerware has significantly changed its production lineage and made the ceramic dinnerware totally lead-free. Check out some of the common features and benefits of Fiesta dinnerware.

This set of dinnerware range has its own distinct advantages for the users. The elegant range of colors in which the product range of Fiesta is available makes it a remarkable entity in the ceramic product range. Fully vitrified ceramic has been used in the production of this dinnerware range which makes it so powerful that it does not absorb any kind of odor or moisture. What’s more, it is safe enough to be used in microwave and dishwasher. The dinnerware range is available in over 75 varied pieces and is undoubtedly the most resistant dinnerware in the market which can be used on special occasions, if and when so desired. Some of the distinct features of Fiesta dinnerware have been listed below.

When it comes to Fiesta dinnerware, careful usage ensures better performance. Similar to other product range, the Fiesta dinnerware when handled with care offers long-term usage to the customers. It has to be handled with care as the dark glazes might show some surface abrasions. The bottom surface can also get rough with time and it has to be rubbed against another bottom so that a smooth surface emerges. The dinnerware is made from clay, silica, alumina, and feldspar which adds much strength to the material and makes to resistant to easy breakage.

This dinnerware has a unique range of options. The dinnerware range is available in different kinds of options but the most popular ones include a 4 and 5 piece set. Dinner plate, bowl, mug and salad plate complete the four-piece dinner set. The 5 piece set, on the other hand, includes a dinner plate, a salad plate, a bowl, a cup and a saucer.

The dinnerware range comes with warranty and is protected against chipping in the normal usage conditions. This warranty is usually applicable for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery. Any piece found to be in defective shape is replaced free by the company.

Delivery and return
The dinnerware range is manufactured at the plant in the United States and it rarely matters as to which part of the world you might be living in, the product range can be shipped to any part of the world. This product range is also available online and customers can easily choose from among a wide range, as per their interest and desire. Like any leading dinnerware manufacturer, Fiesta also gives its users the option of returning the product range, in case they find it unsuitable or unworthy due to any reason. This return can be initiated within 60 days of purchase of the product and a dedicated customer representative from the company will get in touch with the customer to understand the problem.

It is due to such innovative ideas that Fiesta has been able to maintain its lead in the market and has created a niche for itself. The product range is widely appreciated throughout the world and increasing number of people over the generations have purchased and used Fiesta dinnerware range in their homes.