The pros and cons of wall beds

The pros and cons of wall beds

The Murphy beds or the wall beds have many advantages and disadvantages too. You may find that the wall bed has many shortcomings. One of the disadvantages of these wall beds is that it is challenging to change the mattress of the bed. To find the exact size of the mattress for the bed, one has to order an entirely a new bed. The other shortcoming of these beds is that these beds are not the ideal choice when one is constantly on the move since these beds cannot be moved or shifted to different places. Here are some pros and cons of Murphy beds that will help you if you are planning to buy a bed for your room.

Murphy beds have many advantages mentioned below:
Open spaces 
These beds give you more open spaces and that is one of the primary reasons people choose to buy Murphy beds. They are perfect for people who do not have lot of free space in their bedrooms as these beds can make your room completely spacious once the bed is flung back to the wall. You can then use the space for other activities such as exercising, dancing, etc.

Lets you make your room multifunctional
Once you pushed the bed back and have the room space freed up, you can use the room for many other activities. As mentioned in the previous point, you can use the room to exercise, dance, practice yoga or just play with the kids or pets (if any).

Contemporary and simple designs
You can find Murphy beds having modern and contemporary designs keeping the simplicity that people look for today. You will not be disappointed with the designs available to you by Murphy beds. You can also find designs like library Murphy bed, Bi-fold Murphy bed, and Fill-up Murphy bed.

Here are some cons that come along with Murphy beds you should know about:
One might have to sacrifice a little on the comfort when it comes to buying wall beds. The biggest reason for this is that these beds make use of wire mesh instead of box springs. In regular or luxurious beds, wire mesh is avoided, and box springs are used to add more comfort. So in comparison to regular beds, wall beds are not very apt for studying or doing desk work.

No scope for decoration
There is no scope for decoration on Murphy beds due to lack of headboards, footboards or bed rallies. So, there is no space for decoration left because of lack of adequate accessories. Due to lack of headboards, footboards and bed rallies, there is no scope for decoration. So it could be not an ideal choice for creative people who enjoy decorating their bed almost every week.

Tedious task
Putting away these beds or folding them can be a very stressful task if done every day. Since this bed is used to save space and is installed in limited spaces, it becomes essential for people to fold it every morning. This can be a tedious task and can require a little effort and time. Hence, this may not be an ideal choice for younger children or senior citizens who can have the problem of putting it away every day.

Lesser customization
There are not much customization options available for Murphy beds. These beds usually come with a simple design with moderate installation options. Therefore, they cannot be customized according to individual preferences. If one needs a little customization, then bed accessories have to be bought to suit the customer’s needs.

A little expensive
Murphy beds can prove to be a bit pricey as compared to cabinet beds. They are smaller than the Murphy beds, and they also come with an old fold away foam memory mattress. They are easier to maintain than the wall beds and comes in many shapes, types, and sizes.