4 popular wooden floor cleaners for intensive cleaning

4 popular wooden floor cleaners for intensive cleaning

Wooden flooring is the most widely used flooring in most of the homes and buildings. This flooring looks beautiful when cleaned properly. The best wood floor cleaning products should be such that they are non-toxic and don’t make the floor dull and slippery. The cleaning products with toxins cause great danger to the people living in the house as they can spoil the health of the residents.

The wide range of wood floor cleaning products available in the market contains harsh chemicals. These wood floor cleaning products with harsh chemicals should be avoided as they are hazardous to the residents of the house using these liquids. It is always better to use biodegradable and chemical free cleaning products. Here are a few popular wood floor cleaning products for you:

  • Orange Flo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner: One of the best wood floor cleaning products is the Orange Flo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner. The best part of this cleaner is that this is a water-based cleaner which can remove dirt and grime from the floor easily. This cleaning liquid need not be diluted or mixed with water to clean the floor. This cleaning liquid can be sprayed on the floor and can be wiped with a cloth wipe or a mop. This is one of the best wood floor cleaning products as it can be used to clean cabinets, furniture, panels, etc. The floor dries easily, which makes it the best among the cleaners.
  • Pledge Floorcare Wood Squirt and Mop: It is one of the best wood floor cleaning products. This cleaning liquid need not be diluted or mixed with water. This liquid can just be squirted on the and mopped with a mop, sponge or cloth. This cleaning liquid can take away the spots and marks on the floor easily and leaves a cleaner and shinier floor. The cabinets, wooden panels, and furniture can be cleaned with this cleaning liquid easily. This cleaning liquid can easily remove tough stains, streaks, and residual stains on the floor.
  • Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop: This is one of the best wood floor cleaners as it removes harmful bacteria and disinfects the floor. The cleaning liquid can be used to clean tiles and even carpets. This mop can be used to clean with steam alone or with the non-toxic cleaner. The cleaning pads can be machine washed which makes them reusable. The steam mop is small which makes it easy to use and store. This cleaner is considered to be a professional cleaning liquid as it used by professional cleaners to clean the floor and it is inexpensive when compared to other cleaning liquids.
  • Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner: This cleans the hardwood floor and carpets with the help of scrubbing action. This one cleans the wooden flooring at the rate of 1000 scrubs per minute which makes the floor and carpet super clean. This cleaning system comes with scrub pads, cleaning pads, microfiber pads that can be washed, hardwood cleaner for pre-treatment cleaning, and a 7-in-1 concentrated cleaning liquid. The concentrated cleaning liquid helps to remove the dirt and grime deep down the floor which makes the floor shiny and sparkling. Attachments such as the scrubber help to remove tough stains and marks and makes the floor cleaner. The microfiber pads collect dust when cleaned with steam and the concentrated cleaning liquid. Many attachments and the cleaning liquids that come with this cleaning set make this one of the best wood floor cleaning products.

Pine-Sol® Original multisource cleaner is effective for hardwood floor cleaning. The fragrant formula is potent against dust, grime, and grease stains and is perfect for disinfecting the area after a thorough scrub. Experts advise mixing 1/4th cup of Pine-Sol cleaner to half a gallon of water to get the best results without having to deal with an overbearing scent.

From a wide range of cleaning liquids available in the market, you can choose the one which is affordable, non-toxic, and does not make the floor slippery and also has a beautiful scent.