Everything You Need to Know about Electric Blankets

Everything You Need to Know about Electric Blankets

Electric blankets have been around for a very long time, but only recently has it become popular. They are used for warmth in colder regions, where the temperatures are so low that an electric blanket becomes a requirement.

The alternative for an electric blanket is having a heater at home. Instead, by buying this blanket, you will be saving a lot of money. Moreover, such blankets are more efficient in keeping you warm.

How electric blankets work

Electric blankets have a heating mechanism that ensures uniform heat is spread throughout. The principle behind this is similar to that of heating pads. They have insulated wires or other heating elements stitched into the fabric, which heat up when the power supply is connected. Another component is a temperature control unit that allows you to manage the temperature. This is done by controlling the current that enters the heating element.

Modern blankets use carbon fibers that allow for thinner blankets. They are also a lot safer and durable compared to older models. These blankets comprise carbon fibers that have rheostats that can control the heat and, thus, the temperature. The best part of these blankets is that if you do not want to use them in electric mode, you can always turn it off. Thereby, you can use an electric blanket during winters and use the same one for the rest of the summer too.

Types of electric blankets

You can get an electric blanket in any size you want. Everything from king and queen size to a small electric blanket is available in the market.

Portable electric heating blankets

You want to carry your electric blanket wherever you go. Be it a hotel you are staying at or camping. For this, you need an electric blanket that is easy to carry around. They are also waterproof, so you need not worry about getting it wet. Portable ones are also safe as they automatically switch off once they reach their maximum temperature. You can get a size that is just right for you.

Cotton electric blanket

There are many who are very specific about the material of their blanket. While electric blankets only come in synthetic and woolen fabrics, there are also brands that sell cotton electric blankets. These blankets can even be washed. It’s perfect for those who are allergic to other fabrics. You can control the temperature in these blankets like in other electric blankets.


You have the option of getting a single or double-sided blanket, which is perfect for two people to use. They have dual control, which allows you to set the temperature you like on both sides of the blanket. This is ideal for couples who prefer different temperatures.

Other types

Apart from the size, there are other features in these electric blankets. There is a feature that allows you to set the time on the blanket; thereby, you can decide for how long you want the temperature to be retained. The blankets with timers are ideal for children. Based on your specification, you can go for the electric blanket that will fulfill your needs.


You need to be careful while handling all electric appliances. The same goes for electric blankets.
However, like all electronics, the electric blanket also switches off once a particular temperature is reached. This might not be available in models prior to 2000. Leaving them on for too long can lead to overheating. Be mindful of the voltage the blanket can take. Blankets work at lower voltages, i.e., 12-24 volts. These can be plugged in anywhere in the house. There are few models that use only 12 volts. These can even be used in cars. Blankets that are old or worn out should be discarded, and those older than 10 years have surpassed the years of usage. If you stay cautious and use the blanket like it should, you will not be at any risk.

There are many brands that sell electric blankets. You can select the type you want from brands such as Winter care, Home Elite, and Expressions. If you are unable to locate a store, you can always order online and get them delivered to your home.