4 Popular Types Of Grills And Outdoor Cooking Setups

4 Popular Types Of Grills And Outdoor Cooking Setups

4 popular types of grills and outdoor cooking setups

Outdoor cooking is the best summertime activity that friends and families indulge in. It not only allows you to spend quality time with your near and dear ones but also lets you dig into dishes full of piping hot, irresistible meat from scrumptious swordfish to delicious steaks, and so much more. While outdoor cooking in itself is a delightful process, it is interesting to note that different grills and outdoor cooking units affect meat temperatures, taste, and cooking degrees differently. Here are some of the popular types of grills and outdoor cooking mediums to watch out for.

Charcoal grills
This is one of the most common grills that is popularly used for outdoor cooking due to several reasons. One of the reasons that make these grills and outdoor cooking units every cook’s favorite is their easy-to-use setup. Apart from being uncomplicated and convenient, this kind of grilling gives you rich, juicy meat with a tinge of charcoal smoke that adds character and added flavor to your meat. The grill operates on the fundamental principle of a wood-burning stove. The air intake is located towards the bottom of the grill that needs to be manually adjusted. As the air enters the grill and meets with the lit charcoal, the grill begins to get hot. The best part about charcoal grills and outdoor cooking is that the temperature gets stabilized at the temperature you wish to cook at. Since charcoal grills help you cook at a constant and consistent heat, it helps tougher meats to cook well and the flavors to settle in perfectly.

Charcoal kettle grills
This is another type of charcoal grill that gives conventional grills and outdoor cooking a more portable and convenient form. As the name suggests, this grill comes in the shape of a kettle with a round bottom, a removable lid that gets tightly shut, a stand, and grates. Kettle grills usually come in several sizes and are relatively lightweight as compared to traditional charcoal grills and outdoor cooking units. The working of this grill requires the charcoal to go to the bottom of the grill in a small elevated grate that further lets the ash and debris to get away from the heat. This type of setup allows you to maintain the airflow over the burning coals. Another benefit of charcoal kettle grills over traditional ones is that it usually requires relatively lesser charcoals.

Kamado grills
This kind of outdoor cooking setup is a more refined and far versatile version of charcoal grills. The only difference between Kamado grills and kettle or charcoal grills is that of its shape. Kamado grills typically resemble the outline of an egg. Kamado grills are made from ceramic material and are, therefore, relatively heavier than most grills and outdoor cooking systems. These grills primarily work on the same functioning principle as kettle and standard charcoal grills outdoor cooking setups. One of its main distinguishing features is that these need to be pre-heated for 45 minutes and these use natural charcoal lumps that produce less smoke without compromising on the flavor.

Pellet grills
Despite being in business for over three decades, Pellet Grills has recently risen to prominence. Many BBQ enthusiasts find their functioning convenient and the finished meat more flavorful. What makes these pellet grills so appealing is that this type of outdoor cooking setup makes for both a smoker and a grill. This grill works with the help of thermostat and electric pots that help you select your desired cooking temperature very quickly. What’s more, these grills give your meats excellent char and grill marks.