4 popular fiesta dinnerware that you must own

4 popular fiesta dinnerware that you must own

Ceramic dinnerware is one of the most essential dinnerware for your homes. Ceramic is not only extremely convenient but also in vogue these days. Numerous manufacturers have come up with a range of unique dinnerware which suits every budget and style. Fiesta dinnerware is available in a range of options and whatsoever might be the need, every household can get a product of their liking from the store of Fiesta. Below are listed some of the products from their stores which you should definitely have in your kitchen.

Four piece place setting
Simple yet trendy, the 4 piece place setting has been made out of quality material and can help you complete the kitchen collection. Similar to other product ranges available in the market, this product from Fiesta dinnerware is lead-free and non-toxic. The collection includes a dinner plate, salad plate, mug, and a soup bowl. It can be safely used in a dishwasher, oven, and a microwave. The handles are heat resistant so that the next time you place it in an oven, the risk of your hand getting burned in nullified. However, the set is not scratch resistant and you will have to take ample care to maintain its elegance to make it usable in the long term.

Luncheon plate
This luncheon plate is made out of quality clay material. Fiesta dinnerware, therefore, is a great collection to choose from if you are looking for a luncheon plate. It can be used to store food safely in a refrigerator and can be cleaned in a dishwasher with equal ease. This product is fully vitrified, is lead-free, and comes in a range of colors which makes it equally appealing when placed on the dinner table. The luncheon plate has been made from porcelain China and can be safely cleaned with warm water and detergent powder. This product also comes with a return guarantee and in case the user is not satisfied with the same, it can be shipped back in a 30 day time.

Square dinner plate
Fiesta dinnerware has another innovative product in its store. The square dinner plate is made out of clay and is fully vitrified and lead-free. It is made out of porcelain china and can be safely washed with warm water and detergent. However, care should be taken that no abrasives are used to clean such products as these can damage the surface of this plate and make it unusable. This product comes with 5-year chip replacement warranty if used in normal circumstances. Moreover, like other products from Fiesta dinnerware, the square dinner plate also comes with a 30 day return back guarantee and in case you are not satisfied with the product, the same can be shipped back to the manufacturer. The square dinner plate comes in different colors, a fact which makes it an essential product to have in the kitchen collection.

Small cereal bowl
Designed to withstand heat, the cereal bowl can be easily placed in the oven. Stain and chip resistant, the cereal bowl is lead-free and has been in production since the earlier days of Fiesta. The cereal bowl is also manufactured by other players in the market but owing to its innovative design and usage, the Fiesta small cereal bowl has become a favorite of many people who have been using it for generations. The bright colors of the cereal bowl also make it attractive enough to be a part of every kitchen.

Fiesta has been working aggressively in promoting its innovative range of dinnerware. This is particularly why it has created fierce competition for other such players in the market.