Tips To Choose The Right Door Mat

Tips To Choose The Right Door Mat

Floor mats are a perfect way to enliven a dull room. They not only prevent you from slipping and damage but also give your space an upscale look. Depending on where you wish to use a floor mat, we have rounded a few tips in this article.

  • Indoor Mats
    Indoor mats are mostly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. They are a great functional and fashionable addition to most interiors.You can opt for a floor mat made of synthetic material such as nylon, coir or even seagrass for your entryways. Such mats are water-resistant and are non-slip. You can also consider cotton mats having a rubber back for the entryway. However, cotton mats need to be washed frequently. Are you willing to do that?
  • Kitchen Mats
    Kitchen is one area that is susceptible to spills. It is also a place where you may have to stand for long hours. Therefore, look for a floor mat that is cushioned and is stain-resistant. Also, make sure that the kitchen mat is machine-washable. Look for a floor mat that is woven and flat variety which makes them soft enough for pets and kids. On the other hand, an anti-fatigue mat or a cushioned mat will make a good choice for your kitchen if you are fond of baking. Such mats have great stress relieving abilities as they offer a lot of comfort for your legs, joints, and feet. In general, they offer comfort to anyone who stands in the kitchen for a long time. No wonder that chefs round the world are using fatigue mats in their restaurants. Cushion mats also make for a wonderful choice for craft or work rooms.
  • Outdoor Mats
    An inviting outdoor mat at your entrance door that will allow your guests to wipe off their shoes can be a great way to welcome them. Ideally, outdoor mats have to be made of absorbent and long-lasting materials such as rubber or coir. Outdoor mats should have the ability to trap moisture, debris, and dirt. In case your yard tends to be muddy often, you may include a boot scraper to help scrape the shoes soles easily.

Although a rubber floor mat is durable and cleans off debris and mud from shoes, it tends to crack at extremely cold temperatures. Also, they don’t absorb water very well. Rubber mats should be used in garages instead of your entrance doorway.

If you are an environmentalist then coir door mats may be just what you need. Their coarse raised fibres not only absorb moisture but also hold the debris and clean the bottom of your shoes very well. Coir is a natural fiber which is strong and biodegradable too.

Whichever floor mat you decide to buy, you need to make sure that you clean it regularly. Rubber mats can be hosed while coir mats can be hand-washed and other mats such as cotton can be machine-washed. Cleaning ensures that the door mats are free of any debris, odor, and dirt. Clean and washed mats also give the area a fresh look. Depending on your lifestyle or work schedule you need to pick floor mat that can be cleaned easily. Choose thoughtfully.

Next question that may pop up in your mind is where to buy a good floor mat from. Well, you need not worry. Today, you can buy a floor mat easily from an online store or a physical store near you. From simple mats to designer and more sophisticated floor mats, you can buy a mat that fits your requirement and budget too! Shop around a little longer and check for discounts.

Here’s a list of stores you can buy a mat of your choice-

  • IKEA
  • Chilewich (Store finder)
  • Costco
  • Amazon
  • Rubbercal
  • Ergotron Store
  • Only Mat
  • Packerland (Rental basis)
  • APlus Store
  • Office Depot. Office Max
  • American Floor Mats