Choose Window Blinds From a Wide Range of Varieties

Choose Window Blinds From a Wide Range of Varieties

Window blinds can really change the look of any room and they offer necessary protection from sunlight and privacy as well. Choosing the perfect blinds to suit your interior and requirements is the key. Find out the varieties you are going to get when you shop for window blinds:

Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds feature individual slats. They run along a track positioned at the top. There are different styles available in vertical blinds. While some blinds open from side to side, others open by parting in the center. These blinds are most suitable for the ceiling to floor windows and patio doors. Smaller windows can have them as well. Overstock has some of the best collection of vertical blinds.

Venetian Blinds
The most popular style of blinds is Venetian. They have horizontal slats attached with strips or string of cloth called tapes. When Venetian blinds are raised, the lower slat is compressed into the slat above it. You can get your Venetian blinds from Blinds Chalet.

Mini Blinds
Mini blinds have a strong similarity to Venetian blinds in terms of operation. They differ in their size of the slats that are smaller in width than traditional Venetian blinds. The slats are about 1″ thick. You can get lots of option at Home Depot.

Micro Blinds
These are a tinier version of mini-blinds with just 1/2″ thick slats. Blinds Online has a good stock of micro blinds.

Panel Blinds
This is another good option for patio doors and very large windows. They have sections that move along using a track for you to open or close them. You can visit Smith & Noble to buy panel blinds.

Pleated Blinds
Pleated blinds are usually made of paper or fabric. The material is pleated to form an accordion-like pattern when it is raised or lowered. These look much similar to Venetian blinds while offering a soft look to the windows. However, you cannot adjust them from side to side. Shades, Shutters & Blinds has some lovely blind collections.

Cellular Blinds
Cellular blinds are made using the same material as pleated blinds and they look similar to each other as well. The only difference is that there are two different pieces of materials in cellular blinds. The back and front parts of cellular blinds are open in the middle creating a pocket to provide insulation. These blinds are available in different cell sizes to fit the needs of different types of windows. They make the room cool in the summer and warm during the winter. They are known for providing sound insulation. Select Blinds could be considered if you want this kind of blinds for your house.

Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are made from materials or fabrics like seagrass or jute. They are the traditional kind of blinds. You would find them in different styles. However, the common factor in all the styles is that they roll and fold into themselves just like the Venetian blinds. They are available both lined and unlined to meet different needs. The linings offer additional features like thermal and blackout linings. Visit Home Depot if you want to see a huge collection of Roman blinds.

Roller Blinds
They also make a good option for blinds. They are made using natural or synthetic fabrics and can be rolled down or up as per requirements. There are different styles available in this variety of blinds and each mounts to the window in different ways. Stylish options would include features like cornices, valances, and fascia. Blinds is a good website to buy roller blinds from.

Tie-up Blinds
Tie-up blinds are cross between a curtain and a blind. You can get them in different kinds of materials. They are made using a piece of fabric that features ties extending beyond the shade bottom. You can raise the blinds by rolling them up and then tying them in place. They give a country or casual look and blend with different decor styles seamlessly. You get to see a huge collection of tie-up blinds at Bed Bath & Beyond.

With so much information at your fingertips, you are sure to make the right decision as to the kind of blinds your house needs.