Are You Looking For The Right Type Of Floor Mat

Are You Looking For The Right Type Of Floor Mat

A floor mat is basically used to protect the floor from any physical damage or preventing a person from slipping. But these days, a floor mat has undergone a sea of change and every mat is used for a particular purpose. In this article, we have classified floor mats into different categories. Keep reading.

  • Logo Floor Mats
    If you wish to promote your company’s image then custom made door mats are perfect for you. You can have an eye-catching design on your floor mat to enhance your marketing and branding efforts. Logo floor mats can be used either indoors or outdoors to promote your business effectively.
  • Gym Mats
    Make your gym look appealing by using comfortable and slip-free gym mats. You can use rubber mats for exercises such as the weightlifting or use rubber mat rolls to cover larger areas. You can even get it tailor- made according to your requirements.
  • Kitchen Mats
    Keep your kitchen or food preparation areas safe by using specially designed kitchen mats. These mats are designed to offer you comfort, relieve you from fatigue and ensure proper water drainage. You can even interlock rubber tiles to the floor mat in larger areas. Additionally, kitchen mats keep your walking areas safe from moisture, grease, and food. It is necessary to have mats in the kitchen to maintain cleanliness and safety.
  • Pool Mats/ Locker room Mats
    Mats for a pool area or locker room need to be of high quality to ensure that the area is dry and there is proper drainage. Areas such as the locker room, shower room and around the pool usually have wet floor and high traffic which can cause people to slip and fall. These specially designed pool mats can be used around indoor or outdoor pools especially where there are chances of water getting accumulated. Pool mats help keep walking areas safe by letting water flow through them.
  • Anti-Static Mats
    Protect and insulate your workers from any severe shock due to high voltage equipment by using non-conductive mats. These mats protect sensitive equipment by drawing the static off the workers before they accidentally touch any apparatus or chemicals.
  • Chair Mats
    This type of floor mat provides you with both comfort as well as protection. These mats are beneficial in office areas. Chair mats not only facilitate the chair movement but also protect the floor from any damage. You can customize the mat of your style, shape, size to fit your needs.
  • Bathroom Mats
    Keep your restrooms fresh, clean, and dry with these professional looking bathroom mats. Normally, these mats are treated with antimicrobial agents that help control odor causing bacteria. Bathroom mats not only keep the floor dry by trapping liquids but they are also effective in keeping your shoes dry. A great way to get rid of mopping the bathroom every now and then isn’t it? What’s more- these bathroom mats are washable and reusable.
  • Oriental Mats
    If you are looking for a mat having an upscale look in addition to functionality and durability then oriental mats are what you just need. You can use these mats in large areas such as the reception areas, hotels, offices, building lobbies, upscale entrances, etc. Apart from offering you protection in areas with heavy foot traffic, oriental mats add a touch of glamour to the space it is being used.

We have also listed out a few places you can buy a good quality floor mats-

  • Weathertech
  • American Floor Mats
  • The Home Depot, Inc
  • ULine
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Husky Liners
  • Crown- Mats
  • Ace Floor Mats

Generally speaking, a floor mat helps keep areas clean, dry, safe and protects from any damage. Also, not to forget, a designer mat will also add a unique look to your home. With so many varieties available on the market, you can easily purchase a floor mat of your choice.