Keep your garden in good condition with ride lawn mowers

Keep your garden in good condition with ride lawn mowers

A ride lawn mower has been a boon for gardeners and home keepers ever since it was invented. Having a garden is great but only if you have the right equipment since maintenance is a big task especially in areas which see a major shift in seasons pretty frequently. The effort that goes into the upkeep of lawns is immense and a ride lawn mower helps in saving precious time and labor. It does not matter what sized lawn you have, ride lawn mowers are available for every tract of land. Firstly, it is important to know the kind of equipment that is offered in stores.

  • Ride Lawn Mowers with Rear Engine: These types of equipment are more powerful on the front since the engine is placed at the back. They are equipped with powerful cutters that trim grass effortlessly. Their overall size is less and these are useful for smaller gardens especially in cities where people live in apartments or houses that do not have a large garden. These ride lawn mowers are easy to use and also less expensive than other bigger variants of these grass cutters.
  • Ride Lawn Mowers with Front-Engine: These are mostly used for commercial purposes and are capable of handling bigger areas. They are also more expensive due to their ability to clear large areas of land robustly, although grass cutting again is their sole function. They also offer certain additional, small-time functions in addition to the main one and help in maintaining land whose size is considerably large (say above one acre).
  • Ride Lawn Mowers for Gardens: The most expensive of the lot, these types of equipment are known for their versatility and heavy-duty capabilities. The physical structure of these ride lawn mowers is also noticeably mighty with heavier tires, better axles and strong transmission for getting the best output. Apart from trimming grass, they can be used to clear out snow and other add-on features. It will require an investment worth thousands of dollars, but at the end, it is all meaningful when the mower will perform its duty year after year without issues.
  • Ride Lawn Mowers with Zero Turn Radius: These are a variant of the rear engine mowers and perform the same functions just that these are more stable with greater maneuverability. They are highly useful in landscaping projects which require attention to details. This is because the wheels can pivot using sharper cuts and get inside every nook and corner of the garden.

If you are confused with which equipment you should buy, examine the following options available in the market that have also been voted as the best by users.

  • Troy Built Ride Lawn Mower: With a deck of approximately 30 inches, this 420 cc equipment is great for working with much ease. The 2-year warranty makes sure you face no problems for a considerable period of time and even if you do, you can get it solved in no time.
  • Poulan Pro-Ride Lawn Mower: This is essentially a garden tractor that boasts of an engine from Kohler and a desk of approximately 54 inches. With a whopping warranty of ten years and somewhat heavyweight, this equipment is not going anywhere at least in the near future.
  • Raven Hybrid Lawn Mower: This mower is a new product that is already competing with some of the well-established brands in the market. Features include a 46-inch deck, 2-year warranty, 420 cc Raven engine, and 20-inch worth wheelbase to name a few.
  • Snapper Light Garden Mower: This product is not that well known currently, but offers services almost equivalent to the likes of John Deere and Toro. With a Pro Series 22 HP engine, hydrostatic transmission as well as 42 inches deck for cutting and 2 years worth of warranty, this ride lawn mower is worth consideration.

Also, know that there are a number of renowned companies such as Husqvarna, John Deere, Massey Fergusson and the like that manufacture ride lawn mowers of the highest quality. Compare different options from these brands and then choose wisely among them.