Choosing an appropriate ride lawn mower

Choosing an appropriate ride lawn mower

Riding lawn mowers are becoming very popular and their usage inside homes has increased over the years. Everybody today loves neat as well as tidy lawns and therefore, their maintenance is not limited to offices, schools or other commercial areas alone. It is not uncommon to see ride lawn mowers in houses and people have been investing considerably in this equipment. The effort that goes into the upkeep of lawns is immense and a ride lawn mower just helps in saving precious time and labor. It does not matter what sized lawn you have, ride lawn mowers are available for every tract of land.

It is essential to get a hang of some basics with respect to ride lawn mowers and these include:

  • When a lawn mower takes a sharp turn, it leaves certain area in the form of a circle in between which can be troublesome while cutting grass.
  • More warranty means more reliance on the brand and better chances of replacement or repair for a long period of time.
  • Transmission can be either hydrostatic based, belt based or gear based and you can opt for one depending on the terrain of your garden or lawn.
  • The deck size is the area where the cutters are installed meaning that a larger size corresponds to more area being trimmed at a time.
  • The ride lawn mower should be capable of moving in a reverse direction as well for better cleaning and more coverage.
  • Differential lock feature will help in controlling the vehicle on slopes and reduces the possibility of slippage.

If you can’t wait to have a beautiful garden in your house, start your research here by scrutinizing the following models:

  • Craftsman Garden Tractor – This product offers great value for money and encompasses some of the best features including Kohler engine, 48-inch wheelbase, reverse mowing, a deck of 54 inches, etc. An add-on feature includes front load capacity worth 200 pounds that allows hassle-free cutting of tall grasses. It is super powerful, which is why the engine makes a sound, the only flipside of this equipment.
  • Husqvarna Garden tractor – It gives tough competition to the above-mentioned ride lawn mower since it comprises of specifications almost similar to it. It weighs 550 pounds, comes with a 2-year warranty, electric blades, as well as cruise control. The brand that is known for its garden products and equipment is trusted across the globe for its quality and is a good option in case you are buying a ride lawn mower for the first time.
  • Yard Machines Lawn Mower – This product surpasses many ride lawn mowers in its category by offering a deck that has a size of 42 inches unlike the one from Troy that offers just 30 inches deck. It, however, has a manual transmission but the engine of Powermore.
  • Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower – If a garden tractor would be too big for you, then you can always go for this equipment from one of the best brands in the world. It is relatively larger in size with deck size equivalent to 54 inches which means that all your tough requirements can be easily met.
  • Cub Cadet GT Garden Tractor – This product is said to be one of the most expensive garden tractors that are available in the market currently particularly because it comes with a few accessories such as a kit for mulch and snow thrower. It also encompasses a sloped seat, 25HP engine, sunshade and hydrostatic transmission.
  • Kubota Garden Tractor – This ride lawn mower is massive, quite literally since it weighs almost 1,000 pounds and is installed with a Biggs and Stratton engine. Not only does it offer high torque, but also fuel efficiency for the best experience.

You should be well versed with the amount of work that is required on the lawn, how frequently maintenance is required and the kind of functions a particular machine can offer. All these factors will be instrumental in buying the right ride lawn mower.