5 Best Chainsaw Brands You Should Buy

5 Best Chainsaw Brands You Should Buy

A chainsaw is a cutting tool with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain. Once, the rotating chain is started the saw gets sharp and is able to cut anything. Mainly chainsaw is used for the activities such as tree felling, limbing, bucking. Sometimes chainsaws are also used for cutting ice which is called an ice sculpture. A chainsaw consists of various parts such as Engine, Drive Mechanism, Guide bar, Gauge, Oil holes, Guide slot, bar. Bar type can be laminated, solid and safety bars. A professional chainsaw user is called as a sawyer. If you are in love with the chainsaw, then purchasing a particular brand is difficult.

There are four types of chainsaw used by power saws industry i.e. Gas-Powered chainsaws, Corded-Electric chainsaws, Cordless Electric chainsaws, and Electric loppers chainsaws. All types are good but gas-powered chainsaw has great power and it is also bigger, but they carry a disadvantage of generating noise.

All brands provide safety measures and services. Now, you can decide which product is best to buy for you.

Here are the top 5 brands of chainsaws to buy: 

  • Stihl Saw: Stihl sells their products only through an exclusive dealership. It has been considered as the topmost brand in the country and it is continuing their business for 70 years. They have developed a slim saw and they do advancement in their chainsaw technology regularly. The saw uses anti-vibe technology with all the necessary safety features. They offer a variety of chainsaw for every requirement. The most popular chainsaw is Stihl MS 180C Chainsaw.
  • Husqvarna Saws: Husqvarna is always the consumer’s priority choice. They build chainsaws for both professional and casual users and is a popular Swedish company. Their saw has an exceptional power-to-weight ratio with a slim saw body design. The saw is also light weighted and is built on LowVib, Air Injection, and smart start function. These built functions make them very easy to start. All their saws have necessary safety features and they offer a variety of chainsaw for every requirement. The most popular chainsaw is the Husqvarna 440E Chainsaw.
  • Jonsered Saws: Jonsered saws produce best quality chainsaws and wooden producing machinery since the 1880’s. They started their production in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their dealership process is not fully developed in the North America region. But, their quality is good and can be availed online through local dealers. They make their product using the latest technology to prepare single-men chainsaw. The topmost recommended Jonsered saw is the CS2238 chainsaw
  • Echo Saws: Echo has earned a big name under power saw users that give outstanding performance and dependability. Their chainsaw is quite popular among professional and casual users. It is considered one of the leading manufacturer of chainsaws. Best Echo saw is the CS 310.
  • Homelite: Homelite is a wood machinery manufacturer which is the top producer of chainsaws, trimmers and leaf bowlers after the second world war. They produce both professional and consumer level chainsaws and are also considered as the first ever operated chainsaw in the world. Most popular Homelite chainsaw is the CS-50 chainsaw.

Before the 1930’s if you wanted to cut wood or timber, it could be only through the hand by using axe or crosscut saws. The chainsaw came into existence after the end of the second world war and became a modern way of cutting. It makes the cutting of firewood easy and requires less manual work.

If you are a chainsaw lover or professional, then your chainsaw must have some safety features. A chainsaw should consist of chain brake, chain catcher, rear handle guard and chain. These features make the chainsaw usability safer but don’t guarantee that the operator will not be harmed. Taking precautions on operator end is necessary. Being an operator you must dress in snug fitting cloth and boots. In chainsaw operation, maintenance is key, you must have the proper working chainsaw. A loose chainsaw can be dangerous so getting a grip and staying grounded can also help.