4 Popular Vacuum Cleaners to Choose From

4 Popular Vacuum Cleaners to Choose From

Cleaning your house is a never-ending task and vacuum cleaners make the job far easier. They help get rid of any dust and debris that may be hiding under your couch, behind cupboards, and under carpets. The vacuum is also used on rugs, cushions, and carpets to keep your house clean. If you have not bought a vacuum cleaner in a while and are thinking of replacing the old one, newer models have great features like vacuums for suction, mop, and others that are handheld and can collapse easily for storage.

Let us check out the best vacuum cleaners in different categories.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional
Upright vacuums are the best for getting a deep clean and work well on carpets. Their motorized brushes are used to get the dirt out of tiny nooks and corners as well. The Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is one of the best-reviewed pieces. Upright vacuums are cheaper than canister cleaners and the “Lift-Away Professional” vacuum cleaner comes with an add-on for hardwood floors.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum
Canister vacuums are great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. They are not meant for carpets but you can use them on floors, blinds, drapes, and other surfaces. While canister vacuums might be difficult to store, the Dyson is lighter and has a self-righting platform, so you do not have to bend. The suction is also great in this product and can be used outside to clean your car as well.

Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass
This bagless wonder from Bissell makes it easier to clean in those hard to reach spots with a 25-foot cord that is attached. The vacuum cleaner makes use of “OnePass technology,” so it is supposed to clean with one swipe. The suction is superior and bagless vacuum cleaners do not have the hassle of buying, emptying, and recycling bags. The easy-to-clean dustbin is another great feature and while it may be slightly heavier than others, its features and price of $79.99 make it a great buy.

Black+Decker SmartTech Hand Vacuum
Hand vacuum cleaners are the best for storage and some light suction. They are not as powerful due to their compact size. This vacuum cleaner from Black + Decker features a vacuum with two settings. The lower setting can be used for delicate linens while the higher setting for other surfaces. It also allows you to see the battery life and has an easy to wash dust bowl.