Why you should buy vintage furniture instead of new ones

Why you should buy vintage furniture instead of new ones

Any piece of furniture which is between 30 years and 100 years of age is termed as vintage furniture. Furniture made in the between 1950 and 1980 can be called newer vintage. There are many other factors determine whether an item can be called vintage or not. For instance, the furniture has to be an example of something that defined the style of that era. People are more interested in buying vintage furniture these days. Thus, they are surely in trend. Several reasons make them so popular. Read below to find out some of the basic reasons.

Vintage furniture gives a unique look:

As time passes, there is less number of vintage pieces available. Even ubiquitous and mass-produced furniture is hard to find. This has made them unusual. People are buying them to give their house a decor which exudes style and individuality. The same can never be achieved with new furniture. Vintage furniture covers many decades. You can choose a particular decade and buy the style of furniture which was most popular in that era. You can also go for different styles from different periods to design your house.

Budget friendly:

If you are fond of fine quality furniture items, but it is not within your budget to afford them, then vintage pieces are your redemption. They allow you to have the better and finer things in life without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, most of the times old furniture pieces are better made and believed to last longer than newly made furniture.

Environment friendly:

Recycling and up-cycling are environment-friendly in most cases. It is surely the case when you decide to buy vintage furniture. You are saving more trees from being cut down for wood if you are using wooden furniture. You are also preventing the furniture from moving towards the landfill. The best part is that it is a healthier option since it is done with off-gassing. The glues and toxic finishes are not off-gassing anymore. You can use non-toxic finishes if you need to refinish the items.

Buying vintage furniture:

Now that you know about the advantages of decorating your house with vintage furniture rather than new ones, you just want to know how and where to buy them from. Shopping for vintage furniture is an adventure. You never know when and where you are going to find the items of your choice. Vintage family can be inherited as well from older members of your family or extended family. You would get them in edgy retail store as well. They are available online these days. Going to live auctions or estate sales can be helpful to a great extent. There are auction websites as well to buy vintage furniture from.

Remember that you will have to take extra care of vintage furniture as they are rare and timeless.