WeatherTech floor mats for your car

WeatherTech floor mats for your car

The WeatherTech floor mats are the best choice to protect your vehicle’s carpets. They provide complete automotive interior carpet protection from mud, dirt, snow and more. Unlike basic floor mats, they’re designed to precisely fit vehicles, providing edge-to-edge coverage of the foot wells. They also have raised edges around their perimeters to trap and contain liquid.

In addition to this, the WeatherTech floor mats have an edge in the design. They have a taller, more articulated lip around their borders that channels fluids away from your feet to a reservoir at the rear. Floor mats are also easy to install and remove, and they come in a wide range of design. Though their design gives them a precise fit and better grip, the WeatherTech Floor mats, are thicker and hence difficult to clean.

WeatherTech has custom fits for more than 1,000 vehicles. No other company has fits for as many vehicles as WeatherTech. With custom fits for a wide variety of makes and models, the WeatherTech all-weather mats are more than twice the price of basic, universal mats, but they offer a complete floor coverage. They offer a snug and more precise fit.

They also give a three-year warranty on the matting. Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.

The WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats have deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, road salt, mud, and sand. They are made from an advanced rubber-like Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compound that is an OEM approved, virtually odorless latex-free material, that contains no harmful PVCs, cadmium, or lead and is 100% recyclable. They are made of the soft, non-skid flexible resin, thicker and cushier underfoot than other floor mats. All-Weather Floor Mats are custom, flexible all season vehicle floor mats with deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, road salt, mud, and sand. All-Weather Floor Mats are engineered to prevent curling and cracking in sub-zero weather. A unique mat grip anchoring system for the driver’s mat screws into the carpet beneath and helps keep the mat in place.

All-Weather Floor Mats were intended to give the best possible protection for your vehicle floor. Many of the front and rear mats are model specific, while others are assigned as the best possible fit for the vehicle from our many shapes and sizes. Some rear mat sizes are designed to be trimmed so that they may be customized to fit almost any vehicle.