Ways to design your bathroom

Ways to design your bathroom

Just like the other spaces in your house, the bathroom must also get special attention with regard to its layout and theme. Contemporary bathrooms in the US are getting a touch of craftsmanship that really adds luxury to it. Some people also prefer smart bathrooms that make them attractive, vibrant, and a relaxing zone.

Some common trends in bathroom designingTo create a luxurious ambiance, designers focus on every minute detail. Here are some bathroom designing aspects that are taken into consideration in new or remodeling work:

Tub and shower: In a modern bathroom, when space permits, people like to install both a shower and a tub. There is a trend in creating a sleek layout with a partial glass shower door to separate the space from the rest of the bathroom. There was a time, when heavy curtain and liner were used, which is now nicely replaced with glass separation.

Sinks and faucets: Many types of sinks and faucets are available in the market. These days, most house owners have shifted from the common white sinks to colorful freestanding sinks, glass vessel sinks, lavatory style sinks, and much  Again, sinks manufactured with stainless steel, copper, glass, natural stone, etc. are quite popular among modern families. People like to match faucets with that of the sinks.

Flooring: Varieties of tiles are used in flooring a bathroom. Apart from normal tiles, ceramic tiles and stone tiles are also getting importance among interior designers. Moreover, wood in different specifications can provide an exclusive countryside appeal, if used scientifically.

Walls: Experts are paying more importance in designing walls as the walls in a bathroom can change the entire look of the bathroom. If the space available is narrow, reflective tiles in varied colors can be used to make it look spacious. Blue in various shades, rainbow color, pink, cream, and many other light-colored hues are used in the bathrooms. House owners who are capable of spending good amounts often go for designer walls.

Mirror and storage: It is an important part in a bathroom. In a modern bathroom, storage is mostly done in drawers designed below the sink. The mirror is normally placed above the sink. Various attractive mirror frames like mosaic, glass, and wood frames are used these days. In some bathrooms, corner shelves are also designed to use up space, which otherwise remains unused.

Fixtures and accessories: Apart from faucets, much attention is also given on light fixtures, door handles, and socket covers, etc. Regular and inevitable accessories like brush holder, toilet paper holder, anti-skid mats, dustbin, etc. are bought in adjustable colors and on the basis of their utilities.

No matter how much space is available, it can be designed as per the plan of the house owners. In the US, every 2.5 persons enjoy one bathroom and in a typical American house, at least two bathrooms are visible.